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Thunderhead TH001 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head

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Wow! I'm all washed up! :)


Finally!  A shower head that actually allows sufficient water flow to allow us to get clean quickly, without having to adjust the flow to "pressure washer" levels! With waist-length hair, I have always fought to have enough water pressure and water flow to get my hair rinsed properly without having to spend long periods in the shower.  When we first saw this shower head demonstrated, I was skeptical that what appeared to be a "gentle flow" of water from the oversized head could actually be sufficient to rinse my thick hair.  I was also worried that we would miss the handheld feature we had in our current shower head, as it made it easy to rinse both ourselves and the shower walls. After serious consideration, we decided to make the investment in a Thunderhead.  I have to admit, we were more pleased with it than I ever expected to be!  The double hinged arm allows for easy height and direction adjustments.  For taller people, this will give you extra height under the shower head!  It can easily be lowered for children or petite adults if needed.   The unit comes with a removable low-flow thingy; we took this out.  We can easily control the flow by faucet adjustment. The rubber nipples on the shower head itself make the head very easy to clean.  We are on a well and get some sediment thru the water lines.  If one of the rubber nipple outlets gets clogged, a quick pinch of that outlet is all it takes to clear it.  Rubbing your hand over the entire head can also clear any clogs or partial clogs. While it does not have a "massage" feature that will beat against your skin, the water flow is sufficient, to give a warm, gentle massaging feeling to sore backs. This shower head was easy to install, is a breeze to use, and provides outstanding water flow.  

Florence, TX


Thunderhead TH001 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head

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