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Thirty OneThirty-One Gifts

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shocked by the issues with quantity

I am a thirty one consultant but I'm going to be honest here. I love their products and most of their patterns. I joined selling because I wanted some of their bags but me...Read complete review

I am a thirty one consultant but I'm going to be honest here. I love their products and most of their patterns. I joined selling because I wanted some of their bags but me being the super cheap couponer I am didn't want to pay full price. The kit was the best deal and I figured maybe I can make my money back so I went for it. I've been selling for over a year and I have had trouble getting parties but like I said I was just attempting to get some bags for cheaper. So here is the pros: the quality. I think the quality is great. I know a few years back they kind of exploded and I guess was having a lot of issues with shipping times and quality but they have gotten that under control since then and now it's great (I wasn't around for that so idk how bad it was). The function of the bags, I don't care for their purses or wallets (I prefer kathy van zealand) but I can't get enough of their utility stuff. Customer service is great I've only done 1 return in over a year and had no issues. They really do take care of us consultants they give us a fee bag every other month at c&c meetings and have lots of opportunities to earn more free bags.

The cons is definitely the price, I feel it's way over priced. It is good quality but the price point is high for sure. I would never pay full price for anything but again I'm a cheap person and don't spend my spare money on bags like some people do. None the less I haven't had to much trouble selling. The retirement list gets annoying. They bring out a pattern for spring and retire it in summer, it gets old and to much to keep up with. The rules, they have way too many rules, we can't post on bulletin boards, our Facebook, open social media pages, the list goes on and on. Can't use the thirty one name in our page name, email etc. They don't allow us to sell current products or on resale site, ebay etc the rules are endless and annoying.

None the less I've made a decent amount of money and was able to buy Christmas this year just with thirty one money, I've made my money back and then some plus gotten a lot of assume products. I don't "drink the koolaide" but I do like their stuff and will keep selling as long as I can stay active. If you are thinking about buying a bag go for it they are awesome. Price is my biggest complaint!


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Thirty One Purses and Gifts = Scummy


There is a saying "a fish stinks from the head down." Nothing could be truer than for this company, Thirty One Purses and Gifts. It's a...Read complete review


There is a saying "a fish stinks from the head down." Nothing could be truer than for this company, Thirty One Purses and Gifts. It's a typical fleece the buyer and the consultant; multi level marketing scam. The consultant will tell you that "they have great customer service" and "it’s a Christian company". Both could be farther from the truth.

My wife purchased two hand bags @ $29.00 each six weeks before Christmas. With embroidery @ $6.00 each, each came with a free gift she also had embroidered for a total of $82.00 with tax and shipping for a total of $99.71.

This is what happened. As some one else pointed out their shipping time estimate is a joke, with a six week lead time until Christmas one bag showed up after a month the other still has not.

The quality of the hand bag is what you would get if you if you hired some one in a high school sewing class to sew it for you. The Bags fabric is very light weight with lot of hanging threads. The bottom is the same construction so won't hold up to much use.

Neither "free gift" has show up either although she paid to have them embroidered. What we got was a note saying that she could find a link on there site that would entitle her to an $18.00 credit on any thing else she would like to purchase. Remember that these were gifts that needed to be sent.

Now seeing the quality we don’t want to purchase anything else from them. Additional I mentioned the sales tax, only thing is we live in Nevada there is no sales tax on things bought out of state.

"Great customer service"; not quite. After waiting on hold for 40 min.(all the while the phone system kept saying the hold times were less than 10), I informed the company of all this and their response was "Its all the reps fault". They don't guarantee any time frame (so it's the reps fault, although they don't manufacture them or ship them FEDEX.). The bags are not returnable if their embroidered (so it's the reps fault that the actual bag is of poor quality and one of the major selling points is the embroidery which you pay $6 extra for so you can’t return the item.)

After realizing that the company really didn't care if I was satisfied , I informed her that I would send the bag back and that I wanted a refund. She informed me that the company wouldn't refund anything because it wasn't their fault any of this happened. (Remember this is because we didn’t like the quality and they didn't show up in a reasonable amount of time and If nothing else for the embroidery we didn’t get which we paid for and the sales tax we were charged for that they shouldn't )

I informed her that I would just reverse the charges on my card to which she said that was fine because the rep would just have to pay for it.

So, in a nut shell. This company ;   Thirty One Purses and Gifts sells poor quality merchandise at an inflated price. The will sell you upgrades to the product that makes it un-returnable. If you go so far as to try to force them to take it back buy reversing your payment, they will make that friend of yours, or friend of a friend, pay for it. Not a very Christian thing to do. Just my two cents, but it’s scummy.

I would like to thank the 60,000+ people who have read my review, but as you probably can tell 31 purses hasn't changed their ways at all.

I want to remind everyone who is unhappy with the junk they are peddling, you do have recourse. You won't get any help from the company. Contact your bank or credit card company and complain and have the charges reversed, its your right as a customer to get what you ordered from the company, if you dont get what you ordered or what was promised, thats FRAUD on their part. That gives you have a legal standing to reverse the charge. The best part is that dealing with the bank is much easier than dealing with 31 purses.

Last thoughts.Two things.
One, Most of the positive reviews are by the employees of the 31 company and if you look at the bottom of the positive review, there is a disclaimer stating this.
Two, the consultants have too buy a sample product line which is of much higher quality than what is delivered to the customer, again very deceptive for a supposed Christian company.

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Cheap Quality, Company will not stand behind their product


from Illinois

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I purchased a soft thermal bag..after little / non heavy use several months later the liner ripped away from the stitching along the zipper. The company claimed to not be able to find my sale from the rep I purchased it from, and said they would not replace it, but offered me a coupon with a % off to purchase something else. REALLY? Why would I want to purchase another over priced cheap product? Even worse...the rep I did purchase it from, is willing to pay to have it resewn, and its not even her responsibility to fix this companies product! I was also told that if you purchase their products as a cash & carry item from a rep, they wont warranty that either! NOW...this company knows most of their reps, purchase products to sell at Vendor events. What a cheap way to get out of replacing cheaply made products..let a bunch of reps make you $$$ by selling your products, treat them bad, treat the people purchasing your products even worse. How long before you close your doors? SOON I hope, so you will quit cheating the consumer.

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Why all the hate?


from Ashville, AL

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I have been obsessed with Thirty-One products for a few years now, and I love the styles and many of their patterns. The only downside is that the products are made in (sadly) China, and that strongly disappoints me (especially for the kinds of prices they charge). If Thirty-One was made here in the States, then they might would get more business and support. However, I own several Thirty-One items that have been really good (and still use them quite a bit). I especially love their zipper pouches (both small and large) and Large Utility Totes. A few of my items have developed flaws (two of my LUTs have cracks on the insides and a couple of my purses have zippers that have turned rusty-looking), but it's nothing very serious. That being said, I will continue to purchase from them. Just wish they made their products in the U.S.A....

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Will I ever learn?


from Buffalo NY

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I purchased a now discontinued bag only to have the nylon lining pull away from the zipper after only a few months. I later purchased the cross body bag to have the lining rip out in the same place in even less time. I did get the bag replaced to have the nylon lining rip out once again after less than 2 months. Obviously, the nylon lining is extremely cheap and continuing to replace the bag is not going to solve the issue.

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from New York

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I have 4 products that I have used intermittently. By no means were they used every day and by no means were they harshly used. One product was barely used. I now have 2 out of 4 products that are failing. The inside plasticy lining of my very small utility bag is cracking and disintegrating. Obviously a poor plastic material that does not hold up. Which is fine, then don't charge me a fortune if it is going to fall apart. I have an organizing tote with zipper, hardly used. Used it the most for one week at the beach. The entire seam has separated leaving a gapping hole in the bottom. The bag is useless now. Contacted customer service and was told only 90 days. Your products should be expected to hold up more than 90 days, especially for the price. Will not buy again. I have had LLBEAN and Lands End bags warrantied FOREVER and I have used Vera Bradley purses and bags, every single day for years with only wearing of the material noticed on the handle. Mind you, I said "wearing down" not completely falling apart or broken!

This company is a cheap, trendy home party that makes very poor quality products that are sold at high prices so all the people in the chain can get their profit. Tupperware has full lifetime replacement for free!!!

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Love my Thirty-One Bags (especially my lunch tote)


from Tuscaloosa, AL

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I purchased a lunch thermal tote (playful parade pattern) and a zip-top organzing utility tote. I use the utility tote for carrying files and my laptop when I work in schools, but I use my lunch bag all the time! I get lots of compliments on it - instead of having my initials which is trendy right now, I got my name embroidered on it in Hot Pink. It's perfect for me... professional but fun. At first I thought it was too big, but now I love the size. I can carry lunch, dinner, and snacks in it and everything stays pretty cold because it's thermal. Just Awesome!

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No, poor quality, and over priced


from Arlington Heights, Il

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

Very disappointed in the craftsmanship and quality of this purse. I returned the first purse almost immediately because the inside pocket ripped. The replacement purse...zipper failed within 6 months.

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would not buy again


from MI.

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I own a small bag that is foil lined. It can be used as a cooler or lunch tote. The inside foil liner is letting lose all around the top. It appears the liner was too short to fit in the stitching of the zipper. I called CS and was told there was nothing that could be done since it was a gift and I didn't have the receipt. These bags cost way too much to not have a better return policy.

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from Wi

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I have gotten a sinch bag aswell as a laundry tote that has a drawstring to close both of which were awful quality. After 4 uses of the laundry bag it shredded at the top by the drawstring, I had it re stitched by a professional (which was better then how it came) and it started to shred though the fabric again. Did I mention when I asked the sales lady about it she got angry and told me there's nothing they can do. What over priced garbage

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I wont buy again


from NY

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I have an expensive tote bag which after a year the pleather sraps are falling apart. I say pleather because now I know! Also a cinch bag that after it was used a dozen times the seams are all ripping apart. Overpriced Junk!!!

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from Grand Rapids, MI

Comments about Thirty One Thirty-One Gifts:

I bought a cooler bag. Used it less than 10 times. The handle broke & I can't get it replaced because it's more than 90 days old. For the price of these, they should stand by their items.

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