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Thermos Hello Kitty Funtainer

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The Perfect Hello Kitty Princess Thermos


Even though I don't run around wearing a Hello Kitty shirt every day I am a Hello Kitty lover; I have three different metal bottles with her imagery on it but this is the one that's help up the best. It only has a twelve ounce capacity so it's something that geared more for kids than adults but it's the perfect size for having on the treadmill when I am at the gym or at home. I love that this keeps my water ice cold but you have to temper it to get the best results; I usually put it in the freezer for about ten minutes with the lid off to let the inside get super cold. Then I pack it with ice and add water when I get to the gym. One of the biggest perks to this is that it has a metal shell; the stainless steel doesn't retain smells or scents like plastic can. I have dropped this down the steps and out of my SUV when I was getting in or out of it and outside of a couple of minor scratches on the sides, it still looks great. The pop up straw took a little bit of time to get used to but it makes it a little easier to drink out of when you are on the treadmill or out walking. The sticker on the side of it said that it will keep beverages cold for twelve hours; that's a little bit of a stretch but if you temper it you can get about eight hours of use from it. This is a little over seven inches high so it isn't something that is going to get in the way if you have it in your cup holder of your vehicle. I like the no-slip bottom on it and so far it hasn't started to pull away from the bottom of the thermos. This is something that kids can use for a packed lunch for school of you want them to have milk but try to get them in the habit of rinsing it out when they are done using it so that there isn't an odor stuck in the plastic part of the lid. The container and lid are both dishwasher safe but I suggest hand washing it so that food doesn't get stuck to the lid during the rinse cycle.



Thermos Hello Kitty Funtainer

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