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Thermos Gas Grill

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Bad set up withthis grill


The grease that drains in the container catches on fire and also the food has caught on fire several times. It's a hazard due to drain pan sets to close to the propane tank and when it catches on fire the tank could explode!!!



Small but Mighty


This is a great grill. The price is fantastic. . I have a large lanai which can hold a large grill and still opted for this one and it fits perfectly. It's easy to wheel to a different spot if desired, something I couldn't do with my large grill. It would fit and look great on a small patio or porch. Although limited on features, it cooks evenly and quickly. The inside flame burners are set at a good distance apart, making cooking even. The grill racks are sturdy and relatively easy to clean, but I'd still recommend foil. This grill is just the right size for 3 large steaks, 4 large burgers and 6-8 kabob. The top rack is great for cooking fish and vegetables although it's a bit flimsy. The outside dials are easy to see and adjust. The push button starter works okay but sometimes I have to push it a few extra times to get it started. There have been a few times I started this grill with a single match. This could be a negative but I find this a common problem with most grills. I don't use the side burner so can't comment on it. The sides are large enough to hold a large platter of food without tipping. Negatives: Like most, the grill was moderately difficult to assemble so try to get it ready to go. The black epoxy paint is not the highest quality and expect it will require re-painting if I keep it a long time. There isn't much place to hang utensils but I keep mine in a box. The only other negative is the area underneath that holds the tank us a bit tight, making the doors pop open. I fixed this with a small piece if twine.

Wimauma, FL


For the price it is an amazing gas grill.


I have has this grill several years and it is doing as well as the day I bought it. Performance It has not failed me once since the day we brought it home. Versatility Love the different levels of the racks inside. I can cook meat on the lower rack and vegetables above where it is cooler. Ease of Use Turn on the gas, push a button and let it heat up. So easy. Ease of Cleaning Turn it on high and then scrap the grills with a grill brush. Simple. Durability It is doing very well considering I don't have a cover for it and it is in sunny southern CA. :) Design It looks simple and it is simple to operate. I love it.



Do not waste your money on this grill!


For fathers day my children and I decided that we should purchase a new grill for my husband who loves to grill. So after searching several different stores, different makers, models, and checking prices we decided on the large Thermos brand stainless steel grill with three burners as our Fathers day gift to my husband. The price was quite a bit higher than some of the other brands and models but I liked the sleek look and that muy husband would be able to cook a lot of food on this grill which would be awesome for our huge cookouts we have all summer long. Upon the first use, we were extremely disappointed. The grill slats make it so that any grease, BBQ sauce, and seasoning sits on the metal and just burns, therefor constantly catching food on fire. Even cleaning it constantly after and before each use it still catches the drippings and things catch on fire. The design of this grill is horrible. It's ruined many dinners and I am very displeased with it. Performance Poor set up. Ease of Use If you like burntto a crispy food & flames shooting out of your grill this is for you, otherwise keep looking! Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean, does not stay clean though. Fire hazard. Design Grease Fire hazard.

Townville, PA


Thermos Gas Grill works well, doesn't last long though.


We have had a Thermos gas grill for about 5 years now. Ours has a burner on one side, the grill in the middle, and a table top area on the other side. You can, of course, put charcoal in it for flavor- but you don't have to do that if you don't want to, which I appreciate about it. Pros to this grill are that it has triple racks, so there is plenty of places to put food; it cooks well, not quite as quickly or evenly on the top rack as it does on the lower rack. It is also a good size, and I like the table top on one side of the grill as it gives you a good place to put a place and/or utensils. Cons are that on ours, the ignition switch broke after we'd had it about a year or so, meaning you have to light it manually, which can cause big flames with a gas grill!!! It seems to go through gas a lot faster than the grill we had previously, I'm not sure if this was an issue with the grill or if it's just something we were doing. The racks are also really hard to clean. Overall I would say it is a fair grill for the price, not quite as longlived as I would have liked, but I would consider purchasing it again if I were shopping in the same price range.

Portland, TN


Thermos Gas Grill

2.8 5