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Thermaltake Max Orb (CL-P0369) Cooling Fan

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Great CPU Cooler


Because the case I purchased turn out to be a bit of a dissappointment, I had to find the right CPU cooler to fit inside the case and perform well. I bought this one from the now defunct etailer clubit.com. It wasn't that bad of a price at all and it works well. The installation on it on top of the CPU was actually pretty well documented inside the instruction manual and I've yet to have any problems with it. The center fan is huge and works well for cooling a lot of components. Because the air from the fan pushes down through the cooler and then gets pushed all over the motherboard, it helps cool the motherboard and RAM. The only big drawback is that because of the width of the cooler, it may cover a ram slot. For me, I had to install my RAM first before I put the cooler on. I can take the RAM out without removing the cooler but it's a little tricky to do as there's only maybe a few cm's of space between the top of one stick of RAM and the fins of the Max Orb.

Junction City, KS


Thermaltake Max Orb (CL-P0369) Cooling Fan

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