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The Sharper Image
The Sharper Image Literati Wireless Reader

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Cheap but very basic


I didn't pay much for this ereader but I think in this case it's a matter of you get what you pay for; the charge time was slow and the change didn't hold very long, only a couple of hours, and it's heavier than most readers I've used before. The functions are basic for reading and not much beyond that, but if that's all you want then it is okay for the price. I wasn't fond of the fact that the running system was slow and stalled at times. It is durable though, a drop didn't damage it or scratch the screen. If you want something very basic it's okay, or for a first reader, but not if you want anything long term. Battery Life Took forever to charge and the charge did not hold well. Readability Weak backlight and heavy glare on screen makes it hard to see the screen very well. Design Heavy and a little clunky, you know you're carrying it around, it weighed my bag down. Durability A drop didn't damage it and I didn't scratch it when I tossed it into my bag wit pens so the screen is reasonably strong.



SAVE with this one & still get a quality ereader!


We've been on the market for awhile looking for an ereader for our whole family to use. This one is a great value and still has all the features we were looking for. The variety of books to download is endless. There are books for my 1st grader, for my husband who like the "how to" books, and the romance novels for myself. Battery Life This has great battery life! Book Choices/Variety This has books for my 1st grader, the how to books for my husband & romance novels for myself - GREAT variety! Readability Very clear! Ease of Use Simple enough for my 6 year old to navigate through Design This has a very modern & stylish design Durability My kids have accidentally dropped this on the ground & and still works perfectly

Monticello, MN


A million headaches!!


This ereader was a total nightmare for me. Constantly froze, wouldn't reset to factory settings, keyboard was faulty, something was always giving me trouble. And it had so much potential! :( For this kind of money, there is no reason anybody should ever buy this. Ever. After I returned this, I got a Nook. It was set up and ready to go in about ten minutes. To think of all the hours I tried to get this ereader to work makes me sick. Only buy this as a gift for your worst enemy. Battery Life Who needs a decent battery for a paper weight?

Westminster, SC


Sadly disappointed, waste of money!


I am a partial finger amputee & holding a book is hard. An ereader sounded GREAT. I got this. MISTAKE! It locks up, takes forever to charge. Loses materials & KOBO selections stink compared to other merchants. GOOD, does epubs & pdfs. Nook or Kindle better Battery Life less than promised, take too long to charge Book Choices/Variety meh! I download from other sources than Kobo Readability screen is small, but readable Ease of Use locks up, too much going back to MENUs Design keyboard is a plus Durability nice padded cover/holder

Spokane, WA


One step behind


The Literati was a gift from my mother. It was a bit disappointing in that it still had the keypad and not a touch screen. Navigating the menu was a bit cumbersome and slow, but the e-reader comes with a nice selection of classics that can be downloaded for free. My kids like using it for long car rides, and the lighted screen means no lights on in the car. The charge holds well, and the cover the tablet comes with is nice for that "holding a book" feeling. Battery Life The battery on the Literati will generally last an entire weekend (if the kids remember to turn it off when not in use), being read during long car trips and in between events at weekend long swimming meets. Book Choices/Variety I especially like the selection of classic book downloads that come free with the Literati, but there are also a good selection of other books that are relatively reasonably priced. Readability The screen can be a little hard to read at the wrong angles, and there is some glare, but it is good for night reading with its lighted screen. Ease of Use Not a big fan of the keypad over the touch screen, as it makes it a bit more difficult to navigate menus, etc. I definitely needed the instruction manual for the first few uses, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. Design Lightweight, but enough heft to it that it feels like you are actually holding a book. The case that came with it is nice and gives it a "real book" feeling. Durability We've dropped the Literati plenty. It has survived a year with 4 kids, innumerable car rides, and being taken to pools for swim meets. And it barely has a scratch, so I'd say it's definitely durable!

Antigo, WI


Literati wirless reader


I am giving this a 4 star because I am just learning and this is my first e-reader. I am pleased with it so far getting it for Christmas and then being gone for a couple of weeks so did not use it.  It charged overnight and but I could not download any books because I do not have wireless at my home. I took it to TGI Fridays and my son helped me to quickly download 10 books. These are Classics and came free with the Literati reader. This reader gives you 150 free books with the purchase. There are "over 2 million books at  your fingertips" according to the box. Reading is easy by lightly touching  > to forward or < to go back. When you touch "Home" the book page is bookmarked. The size of the print can be changed to fit the reader's needs. There is a night reading mode, a 7" color display for cookbooks, children's books and more, expandable memory (up to 8 Gb with SD card, not included), one-touch purchases and a  recharagable battery (AC adapter included), The Literati is 0.5 " thick and lightweight; I find it easy to hold. I bought a Sport Sleeve Holder after Christmas, which was on sale. I will take it with me on my travels and in the car.  

Harris, MN


The Sharper Image Literati Wireless Reader

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