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Tool Set
The Original Pink Box
The Original Pink Box Multi-Purpose Pink Tools Set


30 Piece Pink Tool Set-More Than Just Tools

Be ready for any DIY fix-it problem around the home with this Original Pink Box 30 Piece Pink Tool Set. With the philosophy of "Do it first or do it better," Original Pink Box offers this distinctive, eye-catching, attention-grabbing set of high-quality tools in pink. But don't let the color fool you. These tools are as durable and tough as any girl and are capable of doing any job around the house. The canvas bag is a roomy 12 inches with 24 inside and outside pockets, perfect for storing your tools or using it for a travel bag with compartments for essentials. The possibilities are endless.

This 30 Piece Pink Tool Set includes all the basic tools you'll need for everyday tasks such hanging pictures on the wall, replacing a light switch, tightening a pipe under the sink-you'll be ready for anything. The soft grip handles make the tools comfortable to use with a bag that keeps everything conveniently together and at your fingertips. It's a perfect gift for someone moving into a first home or going off to college. Keep one at home and one in the car or workplace and you'll be ready for anything.

The Original Pink Box® the exceptional Pink Tool brand!

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