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The First Years
The First Years Soothie Pacifier Attachers

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These pacifier clips are ADORABLE!!


I loved that there was finally an option for the soothie pacifiers!! It makes things so much easier when traveling with the baby. My son picked out the flower holder for his baby sister, and everyone got a kick out of it when they would see her with this big flower sticking out of her mouth. As my daughter got a bit older, and stopped using the pacifier all together, she still loved to chew on the flower petals. It was great for her with teething, and held up quite well even when her teeth started coming in. I don't think the actual clip holds all that well, especially as the baby gets older, and starts pulling on it. It was fine for us, since we really only needed it to hold the pacifier when she was small, but it would have been a big problem if she had continued using the pacifier as she got older. We woulld have been cleaning it quite a bit. I would definitely consider it a good purchase all around though. She loved it!

Hampshire, IL


Great pacifier clip for the Soothie


Our child is in love with his soothie pacifier, and this clip has saved many from bouncing away from us in public places or in the car. Anyone that has a child with the soothie pacifiers know they bounce away when they're dropped or thrown, making this attacher a must have. It's primarily come in handy for us on long car drives, when our son decided it was fun to toss his soothie into the door, making it nearly impossible to find and give back to him. Using the attacher kept that from happening...that was of course until our son was old enough to figure out how to detach the clip. Because he's gotten wise to how to detach the clip and how to pull the soothie on and off the clip, I would say this clip is great up until a certain age. Now we only really use it on overnight car drives when he's got his soothie while he's sleeping. Despite the short life of the product for us, I would certainly recommend it, especially if you let your child have their soothie in public places and want to avoid it falling onto the ground. It's a lifesaver!

Carmel, IN


Great pacifier attacher!


I have purchased and used the first years soothie pacifier attacher and I think it is a great product. The first years soothie pacifier attacher is so helpful. I use the pacifier attacher for my infant and also for my toddler when we are out in public incase they drop there pacifier it will not fall on the floor. It is a great product since the clip easily attaches to my childs shirt on to the stroller or car seat strap and it also attaches easily to the soothie pacifier. It is great to use when not at home to you do not have an issue with not being able to find the pacifier and the pacifier can not fall on the floor as long as you have the clip attached to your babies shirt or stroller or car seat strap. The first years soothie pacifier attaches also come in very cute varieties so it looks like a little cute accessory for your baby also. The first years soothie pacifiers come in different colors and designs so you can get an adorable one for your little baby boy or your little baby girl.

Western Grove, AR


Pacifier Clip is the best invention EVER!


This has to be in my top 5 all-time best baby inventions EVER!!!!  These pacifier clips save so might time and aggravation replacing, finding and cleaning dropper pacifiers.  They hold the pacifier very firmly and attach on to your baby.  We got them in the "Honey Pot" and "Igloo".  The pacifier string conveinently detaches after to use so you can put the plastic part in the dishwasher and the string in the washing machine.  These came in handy so, so many time.  My son even got into this phase where he would throw his pacifier in the car.  Well, the pacifier did not go far when attached to a clip and string.  The clip is so strong it is virtually impossible for even the strongest of babies to pull it off.  The only downfall was that they come in a very limited selection of designs and colors.  I would have purchased much more than just 2 if they had come in a wider selection to choose from. 

Blackwood, NJ


The First Years Soothie Pacifier Attachers

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