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The Firm Express: Turbocharge

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Quick But Tough 20 Minute Workouts!


The Turbocharge cycle w/o's are led by Alison. There are three 20 minute dvds; a cardio,  sculpt,  & cardio + sculpt. The Turbocharge workouts are designed as active re-charging (though I didnt find them easier than the others in the set). They feature moderate impact and allows for moderately heavier weights. There are 2 backgrounders, one shows beginner modifications. The set is really cute-kind of looks like a basketball court floor w/ nice wood & light colors in the background. You will only need dumbbells for the Firm Express series. All Firm Express workouts feature 8 second power bursts w/ a 12 second recovery.  **Turbocharge Cardio + Sculpt: ** This workout combines cardio, strength, and 8 second bursts. The bursts include: tire run, horizontal leaping floor touches, fast lunges, & high knees. Other work includes: step knee hops, skaters, ham curl variations, pliet w/ French press, a cool diagonal lunge w/ row where you put down & pick up your #s, squat abductions, hinge & row w/ a rear kick, 1 legged squats w/ bicep curls, a fun shuffle V hop/ tire run plyo lunge combo, curtsy dip w/ front raise and finishes w/ plank w/ knee pulls & pushups. **Turbocharge Sculpt:** This is a strength w/o that includes 8 second cardio bursts. The moves in the bursts are: plyo lunges, plank jacks, floor touch to high knee jump, & kettlebell swing. The rest of the work includes: lunge w/ bicep curl & shoulder raise, hinge & row, plank rows & plank lunges, a static lunge w/ hands on the ground, 1 legged pushups, step squats w/ hi pull, pliet front raise, concentrated curls,  static squat w/ a row & glute pinch & finishes w/ elevator planks (from hands to elbows). **Turbocharge Cardio:** This is an all cardio w/o with 8 second power bursts. The bursts include: side lunge floor touches, squat & jump kicks, 1 legged hops back & forth, & a quick step touch. Other cardio work includes: knee pulls, power lunges, weighted side lunges while passing the dumbbell under your knee, skaters, shuffle forward- punch- shuffle back - knee pull, & kettlebell swing w/ a fast walk up & back.  I felt this set was a bit more choreographed than the others Ive done but was still pretty easy to catch onto. I liked that Alison used weights in the cardio w/o. The C+S dvd had a lot of combo moves so it was hard to really heavy up. She used the entire 8 seconds in the C+S & C, but not in the S. Fun choreo routines w/out being complicated. Alisons token phrase is "ahhhhhhh" in these ;) Part of the 12 second recovery is used for set up- no wasted time- quick recovery and back to work! These workouts move right along and you will work up a nice sweat in the 20 minutes. Time flys even combining 2. I rate Turbocharge solid intermediates that (like all Firms) are really easy to modify up or down. These contain fun new moves so they are different from other Firms, but still athletic and combine strength & cardio work as Firms always have. The intro is quick and says "I am Gaiam" and moves right into the menu- so combining w/o's is pretty painless! I received these dvds to review.

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The Firm Express: Turbocharge

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