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The Body Shop
The Body Shop Mandarin & Tangelo Reed Diffuser

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Looks Pretty, Smells Amazing


The new Mandarin & Tangelo fragrance from The Body Shop is captivating, with a light, sweet scent that gets your attention without overpowering a room.  The reed diffuser vase is a sleek and attractive glass, and the reeds that work to disperse the fragrance are solid and attractive.  What is so neat about reed diffusers is that they are both accessories and deodorizers, a perfect decor / function match for the home. The product comes in a sturdy, secure (no breaking, no spilling), and attractive box, making it a very attractive gift for teachers, friends, coworkers.  The Mandarin & Tangelo fragrance, in particular, is very cheery and unique, and the reed diffuser system works well, allowing the fragrance to gently and continuously expand throughout the room, unlike a heavy spray or harsh deodorizer that overpowers a room on contact and then evaporates immediately. I feel good about buying The Body Shop products because the company supports many humanitarian causes that I care about and it uses many environmentally responsible practices and does not test on animals.

Saint Petersburg, FL


The Body Shop Mandarin & Tangelo Reed Diffuser

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