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Taylor Lithium Digital Bathroom Scale

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Very inaccurate


I got real serious about losing weight in a healthy way after I had my son. I started with this scale because to me a scale is a scale. WRONG. I never took diet pills and ate the same amount of meals a day and even worked out. When I started weighing myself it was pretty consistent but then about 5 days later my weight was really going all over the place. I went from down five pounds one morning to gaining eight pounds later that night then gain two pounds over night then down six pounds that night. I am not a person with health issues that would cause me to gain water weight either so I can't blame it on that. Needless to say I returned this scale very fast and went with a different brand.



Bathroom Scale


If you are concerned about your health you should have a bathroom scale. I really like this scale because it is very easy to use. It is very simple and clear. i like that you may change settings on the bottom of it to switch from pounds to kilograms (which is very handy if you are from Europe). This scale is also very accurate. I am pregnant now so i track my weight. And I visit my doctor every so often. My scale shows exact weight as my doctor's professional scale. I am not sure what is weight limit on it, but my husband is very tall and big guy, who is 230 lbs, and it works good for him. Also my toddler daughter is only 25 pounds and it shows her weight just as accurate. Performance Calculates weight very fast Durability We dropped it few times, it works just as accurate as always Design Nice ad simple Ease of Use It is very easy, Just step on it and wait 10 seconds. Accuracy It is very accurate (proved by our pediatrician and OB/GYN)



This scale is accurate and has a low price


The weight I get is always accurate and performance is consistent. I have owned this scale for almost 3 years, and have only had to replace the battery once. It is easily cleaned and is very simple to use.

Chicago, IL


Taylor Lithium Digital Bathroom Scale

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