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Tarte 24/7 Natural Lip Sheer with SPF15

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I'm disappointed with this Tarte Natural Lip Sheer!


I own a lot of Tarte products because most of them are all natural and provide great results, but this lip sheer is one product that just isn't as good as the rest. This product provides a very faint amount of color to your lips, so if you want a lip balm with a touch of color, that is what this is. I do like the ingredients that **Tarte 24/7 Natural Lip Sheer with SPF 15** is made with. I also like the fact that it contains sunscreen, but it's the texture I have a problem with. After using this, my lips feel coated and almost chalky. If you have really dry lips, I feel like this makes them feel almost worse because it isn't as moisturizing as I would like it to be. I think this product is a failure on Tarte's part because it isn't really good at anything but providing a minimal amount of color to your lips. It's not a good lip balm and the feeling it leaves on your lips just isn't pleasant. If you're looking for something like this, I would recommend Pacifica Natural Lip Tint. It's much better and smells amazing!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Love the Tarte 24/7 lip sheers !


Moisturizing and taste nice. Great that they are all natural and protect your lips from the sun ! I wore these all last summer and they were great. Used to have about six different shades and loved most of them really.

Dallas, TX


Great natural color.


Yes, it is a little pricey, but the Tarte 24/7 Lip Sheer makes up for a lot of that cost. There is a lot of color packed into those little tubes (they look like a gussied-up Chapstick) and it has a surprisiing staying power. It's really more like a stain than a colored lip balm. I have maybe five different colors, and the Friday (nice deep berry) and Tea Rose (rich pink shade) have stayed on for hours. Champagne Brunch is a good "starter color" for young girls as it's very neutral and natural-looking, not garish or overly sparkly like some teen or play makeup out there, and much better quality for young skin; it is too light on my complexion, however. There is a pepperminty bouquet that's very refreshing when you first put it on. The tubes are very portable and the color glides on very well. I don't notice any bleeding. It wears a good long time through drinking, but needs retouching after eating; even so, a nice faint stain remains. Overall I find it a good value for the money, especially for those who prefer natural or vegan products. 

Buffalo, NY


Tarte 24/7 Natural Lip Sheer with SPF15

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