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Taby Tray

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Why didn't I get my daughter this 2 years ago?!


The Taby Tray has been a great joy for our car rides. It is basically a small tray - think airplane tray... it feels and pretty much looks the same - that straps to your child's car seat or stroller. This gives them a flat surface to write or color on, eat on, play on, while you are driving. It also has a fairly deep cup holder built in, which easily supported a Burger King King-sized cup during our drive. It has a lip around the entire edge as well, which is great for keeping crayons and other rolling items on the tray and off the floor. The bad thing about installing the Taby Tray is that you have to remove your car seat to put it in, but at least you only have to do that the first time. It straps underneath the seat, but after the initial install (took my husband like 30 second) you can leave the tray attached. It just sits to the side until you want to use it, so the child doesn't have to have it up all the time, only when he/she wants to use it. I just pull it across my child's lap and clip it in like a stroller seat belt buckle when my daughter wants to use it, and unclip it just as fast when she's done or we get to our destination. You can also use it on a stroller, but I haven't done this yet. So far my daughter has eaten a few snacks on it, kept her drink in it, and colored on it with both crayons and her Aqua Doodle. I have a convertible car seat, but I also think it would work just as well with a booster, though it might be harder with the booster not staying firm in the car unless buckled. Check it out... it just might be the thing you are looking for to keep your kid entertained in the car!

Gilbert, AZ


long trips are so much easier now!


We bought two of these trays for our kids before a 10 hour trip for Thanksgiving.  What a fabulous purchase!  I was a little wary before they arrived that they wouldn't fit on the kids' carseats because any negative reviews I found had to do with the fit, but my husband and I installed them the day they came and they were perfect, even though my daughters' car seat doesn't have arm rests.  The kids were able to color, eat without keeping everything in their laps (so much cleaner!), keep their sippy cups in the tray cup holder, trace letters, and stay entertained because they had a flat, hard surface to work on. I highly, highly recommend to anyone who takes long road trips with kids!I was a little worried about the safety of the trays in a car accident, but read a review written by a mom who was in an accident that totaled her car while the tray was installed and she said there were no problems. Hopefully not something I will have to experience, but reassuring to read another mom's experience.

Lehi, UT


great for the car


I was looking for a way for my kids to occupy themselves in the car because we travel a lot and I do not like them to play video games. When I found this taby tray, I knew that it would be perfect for each of my kids to have with them in the car. This tray has a long strap so that i can wrap it around the car seat of my kids. The tray also has a very nice cup hole for putting their drinks or a small cup of snacks. This tray is nice for the car because it rests on the child's lap and it does not wiggle too much if they use it for coloring. I also use this tray on the stroller. It provides a large area for my kids to color if I decide to go shopping so that they do not get bored. I like to print out coloring sheets for my kids so that they can color on the taby tray. This tray has a washable surface if my kids spill things on it or get paint on it when they use it to paint with their Crayola washable paints.

Waterford, CT


Excellent travel companion! Best idea for short or long trips!


I just bought this tray to prepare for a 2-day car trip with 8 people in the car. I knew I needed something to keep my 2.5 year old entertained. This try is perfect! It has a cupholder that she can reach and is deep enough so the cup doesn't fall out. The lip all the way around the tray keeps almost everything in the tray, not on the floor. She loves to read, color and do puzzles in it so much, that we use it on small trips too.It assembles very easy. We have leather seats in our car and so the strap slid very easily underneath her carseat and it snaps in place in no time. I will say that we have a very large SUV so space isn't an issue, but may be in a smaller sedan. But I think it would be worth it!

Jacksonville, FL


Taby Tray

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