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T-Fal Filtra Pro Fryer

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Costly, not worth it


I don't know what it is with the electrical connection with fryers, but this one was a bit fault too. Sometimes, I am unable to turn it on and this is with weekly use too. I wished it worked well consistently, because it's actually a decent fryer that has a nice stainless steel finish that makes your kitchen stand out nicely. I like the filter system because it allows you to reuse the oil without worrying over the accumulation of debris that will cause it to be ranchid. It was very easy to clean because the parts are dishwasher safe. You can actually see the stuff that you are frying from the window. Fries came out graet, very crispy. But the magnetic plug is just terrible. Very easy to come off and often during cooking too. And when the temperature are extremely hot, it is very hard to maneuver around this. You have to keep this away from children, because the exterior does get hot. It's very high heat and extreme wattage, so please be careful with this product



T-Fal Pro Fryer is Easy to Use


I received the T-Fal Filtra Pro-Fryer as a gift.  Having worked in professional kitchens, I was not sure a home fryer would be worthy the oil and effort, but was pleasantly surprised! - I was happy to receive this particular model as it does not use disposable filters, which can be expensive and hard to find. - The removable heating element makes clean up much easier and most parts, including th odor filter, can go in the dishwasher. - Heats oil true-to-temp and recovers quickly. - To have crispy results, it is important to *follow the cooking directions* included with the fryer, and I found the cooking tables to be accurate.  Overloading the basket, skipping steps or not using the correct temp or time will result in soggy or mushy food.  - Likewise, while oil can be saved and used several times, overused or spent oil does not cook well. - While this is one of the larger models on the market, I have to cook several batches to feed my family of four. I only use the Fryer occasionally, but have not had any trouble with it.  If you enjoy deep fried food once in a while, this is a good choice.  If you want to do larger volumes for parties, I would search for a larger capacity model.

Vancouver, WA


T-Fal Filtra Pro Fryer

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