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Sylvania Lc220ss2 22" HDTV LCD TV

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Poor, Headache-Inducing Picture Quality


I received the Sylvania 22" TV for my birthday a few years ago. At the time, it was a truly perfect present for my small apartment. I liked that it was a flat screen TV. This meant that it was small and compact so that it could fit on a bureau without taking up all of the space. But as a 22" this meant that the screen was at least visible from a bit of ways away (that is, it was at least bigger than a monitor to a computer would be). One of the nice things about this TV was that I could hook up an HDMI cable to my computer and watch things streaming on Netflix. The fact that this TV offered this option was great -- it was such an improvement from watching a movie on my computer. What I have noticed over the years, however, is that I often get a headache after using my Sylvania TV. And I believe that this has to do with the picture quality -- apparently the picture is not sharp enough for my eyes. So after I while I have used the TV less and less to the point where I prefer my computer and Ipad.



Sylvania Lc220ss2 22" HDTV LCD TV

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