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Sylvania 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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decent mixer


This is a decent hand mixer. It is a cheaper hand mixer model that you can get. If you have a small batch of something to mix up that you do not want to have to drag out the big stand mixer for, this is a good mixer to use as an inbetween mixer. I use mine even for mashed potatoes, and all those things that you do not want to carry a heavy mixer out for. I do not feel like this is a good mixer though for a heavy duty job. Mixing Performance Its good for small quick batches of mixes, potatoes, etc. Ease of Cleaning Really easy, just need to take out the two beaters to clean. Do not have alot of small nook and cranies. Ease of Use Very small and easy to store, easy to clean. Two beaters come in and out very easily. Design Easy, simple design. I do not think the design of this product really matters. It is not an appliance that stays out on the counter. Durability Will stay in good shape as long as you are using it for small things. Does not have a huge power speed.



Sylvania 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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