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SwaddleMe Microfleece- Large - Pink

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Must have for new moms!


I could not live without the Swaddle Me. Our first son would not sleep outside of our arms and I never thought I would sleep again, then when someone bought us a swaddle me he was finally comfortable and secure enough to sleep in his pack and play on his own. When we brought our second baby home from the hospital we put it on him the first night and he slept great and loves it. He knows that when he is in his Swaddle Me it is bedtime and at one month old was sleeping 5-8 hours at a time! This is my new go-to shower gift for any of my friends. It is great because you have the option of swaddling his arms inside or outside of the Swaddle-me. Both of our sons hated to have their arms confined so this worked great for us. It also keeps them warm in the winter. I was never good at swaddling and this does all the work for me and does not come undone like swaddling with a regular blanket can. The Swaddle Me is also great because you do not have to cover your child and risk them suffocating with blankets in their crib.



SwaddleMe Microfleece- Large - Pink

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