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Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers Toning System

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I'm still squeezing my thighs together. And liking the results!


Yep, it's old school but I still use and enjoy the benefits of the ThighMaster, now with the Butt Master (ThighMaster LBX) too! **What The System Is** **Suzanne Somers Toning System** is a system composed of her famous red ThighMaster, a blue ButtMaster (I made that up but that is what it is), and a DVD or tape to show you how to use both pieces of equipment. The ThighMaster has been around forever. I have had one forever it seems. This new package doesn't have much of a change in design from years ago. You sit with the ThighMaster between your thighs and squeeze. Then slowly open and squeeze. And do that until you are fatigued. The foam covered springy piece of equipment gives you just enough resistance to tone your thighs without pain or threat of injury. You can also use the ThighMaster to tone your arms and chest, which the video will outline for you. The second piece of equipment is blue and designed to be used around your outer thighs. You can sit on a chair with the ButtMaster around your thighs and open and close your legs. This works the outer thighs and butt. You can also use it on the floor, doing hydrants. The video is not intended to be a workout. It simply shows you all the exercises done properly. Then you are on your own. While a variation of this product has been around since I was a teen, it really does work! **My Use **I have had these springy, thickly padded ThighMasters for as long as I can remember. The exercises are so simple and require no space. I can do them while watching TV and really feel it. The inner thighs are tough to target and the ThighMaster does it just wonderfully. The new part - the ButtMaster as I call it - works great for the outer thighs and butt. If you have saddlebags or a dropping derriere, this little item can help. It has good resistance and will fatigue the muscles enough to help tone them. The key is to do them and do them often. I really don't think you can overdo the ThighMaster. However, if you are in pain, STOP! Aches from underused muscles are normal. Pain is not. Don't assume you should fight through it. Let your body rest then go back to it. The system alone won't make you into a hard body but it is an easy and effective way to start or to maintain an exercise regiment. I use both pieces of equipment while I watch TV and feel so much less guilty that I am not just laying there doing nothing. And my thighs show it. I'm an old chick at 42 but my thighs are hard and have no dimples or creases. I work out but certainly not like an athlete. I attribute at least half of my good fortune with my inner and outer thighs to this system. If it wasn't so easy, I wouldn't do it, and I wouldn't get results. Sometimes people mistake easy to use exercise equipment for useless equipment. That is not always so. In this case, while the system is so easy anyone can do it, it is also effective if done regularly. Naturally, if you are already rock hard, this system isn't for you. But it if you are a woman (or a man) who wants to firm up the inner and outer thighs and the butt, get this system. Watch the video carefully for tips on working arms, back, and chest muscles as well, then get going! The only con is that it is not adjustable as far as resistance goes. Once it becomes so easy that you breeze through it, you are ready to move on to something more challenging. But that will take a while as our inner thighs rarely get used on a daily basis and are generally weak unless we regularly do athletics or sports that target the area. **Conclusion **It's simple, cheap, and WORKS. The ThighMaster has been a part of my life for years and years and, now, the **Suzanne Somers Toning System **is doing double time. I am getting my inner and outer thighs and my butt all while sitting down. I sure am not complaining about that! I recommend this system to those who are generally sedate or not athletes. If you are already in great shape, these two pieces of equipment won't be much use to you. But, combined with aerobic exercise, you could have rock hard thighs and an up there in the air butt without killing yourself. Just start slow and do as much as you can as often as you can and stop when it hurts. 4 stars for the system that keeps on tickin!

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Suzanne Somers Toning System

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