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SuperPAD 10.2
SuperPad 10.2 Tablet

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ipad in style


over all it is great to us and cool



An inexpensive way to access the internet.


you get what you pay for :( Battery Life battery life is short even on full charge within an hour it needs plugged in. Device gets hot very quickly. Processing Speed Am an Iphone user and not liking the Android- too slow. Weight Love the light weight of this pad. App Availability Lots of Android apps to choose from Design Don't like the flimsy pen they recommend highly to use. Durability Dropped it a few times , but hasn't affected it.

Manheim, PA


It is not an Ipad but you get what you pay for.


I purchased a superpad 10.2" tablet about a year ago, and have really enjoyed it. It is OK for an ereader, but not the best screen for reading. It does alright surfing the internet, but it eats up the battery pretty quick. I bought it to use at work with spreadsheets and pdf files. It is better for that than I expected it to be. The screen responds slow and battery life is limited. It gets pretty warm after about 30 minutes. I do not play games, so I can not comment there, or about videos. I hope this helps. Battery Life battery lasts about 1.5 hours surfing the web, but it gets hot enough to be uncomfortable. The battery is not user replaceable. Processing Speed ehh... Weight happy with the weight. It sure beats carrying around a laptop. App Availability All of the android market and then some Design entry level at best. Durability not for kids or clumsy folks.

Concord, NC


One of the greatest products so far


Its very convenient and usable. WIth many applications and tools, it makes my life so much easier. I love that its a little portable machine that i can carry everywhere to keep me entertained and help me out whenever i need it.

Palatine, IL


Beautiful, Sleek, But Bulky - SuperPad Tablet PC


First of all, this device is fast. Very, very fast. Especially for an android device, let alone for a tablet PC. Access to the android market is a huge plus as well. Allows you to do virtually anything. GPS, USB, and Wifi are standard on any android device, but the HDMI and 2 Micro SD card slots are a huge bonus. Color options are fantastic as well. You have a choice between Sleek, or Sexy - nobody can complain about it. Uses the Android 2.1 OS, so it allows you to manage system tasks without being forced to root your device. Extends battery life being able to do so. Additionally, has very fast internal memory, plenty of space for system applications. HDMI is a huge bonus, being able to output audio and video at a 1080p standard. Excellent display on screen. With a 10.1 inch display, the options are nearly limitless. The only downside (as most portable devices suffer from this issue), is battery life. Although not extraordinary, is pretty decent considering the size of the display.

Everett, WA


Google android webcam Gps HD


This is a superpad 10.2" tablet pc, with google android 2.1 OS.. It comes with a integrated webca, a GPS connection, HDMI compatible with USB and WIFi connections. You can insert up to 2 micro Sd cards because there are 2 slots for the cards. With this awesome SuperPad Tablet PC you can almost anything you can with a normal home PC , for example you can read these rewievs and surf the internet. You can also send messages if you use a mobile card SIM and call mobile phone calls ( ? ) possibly. there is also a chance you include another screen with this using the HDMI connection cable to get a bigger HD view as the small screen can not show you complete HD view. Watching movies is pretty dull as it is so small, but with a bigger screen you might enjoy the movies it can play. THe android OS is pretty good, but still a bit buggy and should be further developed befor releasing. This is a good for beta use.

Mcadoo, PA


superpad 10.2 awesome


i really enjoyed using this product..more than i could have immagined...its sleek design is perfect and color is awesome...i had heard about issues with the buttons not working properly but evrything seems to be doing great...i also have huge color that is displayed is over the vibrant and crystal amazes me how convienient this thing is..i can surf the web at any time and go on any site i there are so many games to play its could never get bored with this fine piece of also there u can use it as a webcam..i find that awesome as well...i can chat with friends from all over the world. evn china...also you can download so much music on this thing its not evn funny.i have evry song ive evr wanted on this i said before it seems imposible to get bored with this thing...i just go for long walks and let the music i downloaded play from the speakers and it enhances my walking expierience greatly..i dont know wut id do without it.

Livermore, CA


Awesome Android


*I absolutely love the android phone from Verizon Wireless. There is so much you can do with it such as surf the internet, navigate with the GPS, talk on the phone, take pictures, record video, watch television, download movies from your personal computer to the android to watch, listen to radio or even use it as your personal ipod. The sound and picture quality is definetly something to brag about. I have yet to find a phone the picture quality so clear and precise. And don't even get me started on the video. I recorded from a moving plane and got great video to take back home to show to family. I just plugged it right into my television and wah-la....a beautiful video. The signal through Verizon was well worth the change from my Sprint service. The phone is so clear and I have yet to have a dropped call unlike with other phones and services. The games are so excellent as well. it's like real time. Also, there are so many apps that can be downloaded to the android that it's unbelievable. I would advise anyone to try the android phone from Verizon before purchasing any other. It may be a bit bigger in size but as stated before the precise quality of it is enough to winm you over.*

Hickory, NC


SuperPad 10.2 Tablet

3.9 8