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Sunsilk Thermasilk Heat Activated Shampoo helps my course hair.


I have been using Sunsilk Thermasilk Heat Activated Shampoo for about 6 months. I have course, wavy hair and found this product helpful for smoothing my hair, especially if I use a flat iron. Some of the drawbacks, in my opinion, are the lack of scent. I love nice smelling shampoos and conditioners that makes your hair smell wonderful! This product does not have much of a smell. If you love for your hair to have a lasting scent, this one won't do it. Another drawback is the fact that if you use too much of it at one time, or don't rinse your hair well, it leaves hair overly greasy. Despite these drawbacks, the product does what is says and has helped my hair look healthier and shiny after blow drying and flat ironing. I recommend this for anyone who has mild-to moderate course hair and/or wavy hair. It lathers really well without using much and has a nice creamy texture. Just FYI, I also use heat activated conditioner to maximize the effects. It does not have much of a scent either.

Pinson, AL


I use Sunsilk shampoo - it cleans my hair and smells great!


I love trying new shampoos.  I started using Sunsilk Thermasilk a couple of years ago because a friend tried it and suggested it to me.  It's great for hair dried with a blow dryer and using a curling iron.  Doesn't dry your hair.  Feels clean and smells wonderful.

Dalton, GA



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