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Sunsilk Straight & Sleek Shampoo

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Sunsilk Sleek & Shine NOT for those with thin hair!


Sunsilk Sleek & Shine is not a great shampoo for those with fine hair. I would also not suggest this shampoo for those who wash their hair everyday. I, myself, have fine, straight hair and am forced forced to wash it everyday. Sunsilk Sleek & Shine happened to be one sale at the store (probably for a reason) so I decided to give it a try. RIght after you wash your hair, it looks healthy and nice for about half an hour. However, after about two hours I noticed my hair already beginning to look greasy. I would only recommend this product for those with either thick or frizzy hair. If you can go a couple days before your hair looks oily, this product may also work for you. But for those who have fine, straight hair, do not buy it even if it is on sale. You will only end up wasting your money. On a good note, I have tried other Sunsilk products on my hair, and they seem to work much better than the Sleek & Shine.

College Station, TX


Sunsilk Straight & Sleek Shampoo

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