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Dandruff Shampoo
Sunsilk Egg shampoo

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Has it ever occurred to you that you have a very important meeting/date in a very short notice? You have dress correct face all brightened and flushed. But wait...what the...BAD HAIR DAY!!! I feel so awful when I use my comb from left to right, then right to left...oh no no  not quite good...go through the routine again...Chee...they just won't set. Surely hair is such an important aspect that enhances the face value (wonder if I have any, though). Imagine  Catherine Zeta Jones and the likes without hair. As a matter of fact I didn't like bald Demi Moore. She looked better in Ghost with short hair. BUT NOT BALD And yet my greatest cause of worry is HAIR. I seem to be loosing them, kinda heredity (what a reason, can't even prevent it), and then snowfall in summer - Dandruff (what else). This has suddenly made me conscious about hair care, and this review is about washing them. So which shampoo do I use? SUNSILK. Now don't men use shampoo's? Why then does shampoo segment (barring Panteene and Clinic All Clear) seem to favour only the fairer sex? Cause most men get bald (like me), others prefer military cut or punk style and may not find much use of shampoo as compared to girls. Ok Ok... understand. So what if Sunsilk is positioned as beauty product for women, I still use misunderstandings please (sic) I have known Sunsilk brand ever since I first came across the word shampoo. I have seen it change bottles, shapes and caps, transparently clear shampoos and the opaque shiny viscous composition of shampoo + conditioner. (Sunsilk was the first to feature a shampoo with claims  Lever Ltd., who markets the product) I have hair that is normal and dry type. It does look silky(at least those that are still there) I came across an ad on TV about a Egg shampoo that featured a girl with nice bouncy hair and a background jingle going, . This was a shampoo for thin hair. This one was for me. Another variant which my grandmother detests. This one looks like egg is beaten and then poured to fill shampoo bottle. This yellow coloured shampoo is for normal hair. Haven't used it much though. use this one and you will feel the change if your hair are normal.

San Francisco, CA


Sunsilk Egg shampoo

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