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Sunsilk Daring Volume Anti Flat Conditioner

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Sunsilk conditions and leaves hair shiny


My hair is fine and thin, and it is also on the oily side.  Because of this I try not to use a conditioner on my hair more than once or twice a week.  Conditioners often leave my hair weighed down, looking flat and lifeless. The Sunsilk Anti Flat Conditioner is very appealing for people like me!  It claims to "Turn blah into body and bounce".  The conditioner contains an ingredient called Collagen-C, which sounds to me like a natural moisturizer.  I don't know if this is the ingredient that leaves my hair soft and removes snarls, but this shampoo is amazing! It feels like it has a built in conditioner because my hair combs out like I have used a conditioner, yet the Sunsilk product doesn't leave my hair looking dull like most conditioners can.  Not only does my hair look clean and shiny, it smells great and it is amazingly soft.  I can touch my hair 24 hours after I have washed it with Sunsilk Daring Volume Anti-Flat Conditioner, and it is still very soft!  I love this conditioner.  It is the perfect answer for hair like mine.  Effectiveness Works well as a conditioner that does not leave hair looking oily, dull or flat. Scent Love the fresh and invigorating scent!

Eagle River, AK


Sunsilk Daring Volume Anti Flat Conditioner

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