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Sunbeam Turbo steam Iron model:-1

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I hope you have a strong arm


This is my most recent iron purchase and I have been using it for about five months now. Let me say this iron is not a cheap model. It irons clothes very well, and has a great nonstick coating on it. It is, though, a very heavy iron, in my opinion. I don't really mind it. To me, it allows you to not press down as hard on the clothes when ironing. I like to use a lot of steam when I am ironing. The main thing I don't like about this iron is that it doesn't automatically steam while you are ironing, even on the highest steam setting. You actually have to press the button each time you want a burst of steam. Performance I have really owned better irons. Safety The heaviness alone makes it dangerous. It really could break a toe if dropped. Ease of Cleaning It has a nice, nonstick coating, and I have not had any clothing stick to it yet. Ease of Use Between the heaviness and the having to press the steam button constantly, it's really not easy to use. Durability It looks to be a tough iron.



Basic iron that does its job


I dislike ironing so I was looking for a simple iron with no bells and whistles. This one is not complicated, heats up quickly and allows you to iron out the wrinkles on any type of material of clothing. I like that it has an automatic turn off after an hour, which amazingly takes me that long to finish ironing only 5 articles of clothing. I did not realize that until I noticed that the heat was not coming out so I ended up checking the instructions. Guess I should have done that first. If it does turn off automatically all you do is unplug and plug it back in, which is good and does not destroy the timer inside, since you do not have to wait until it cools off. The one feature I dislike is the steam feature. You can add water to allow the steam to come out and press out the wrinkles. It DOES NOT work. All I ever get is a big stain of water come out and does not dry quickly. Very frustrating! I have had to resort to a water bottle to spray the necessary amount of water and keep the iron dry so this feature is not necessary at all in my honest opinion.

La Crescenta, CA


EXCELLENT iron at an affordable price.


I am thoroughly pleased with this Sunbeam iron! It heats up quickly and I love the +/- temperature selector. The extra-long swivel cord is such a nice feature to eliminate frustration while ironing. The iron is the perfect weight to get a nice smooth finish while providing several steaming options, including the shot-of-steam without leaking. Another added feature is the vertical steam to knock-out wrinkles on hanging garments. The water chamber is large enough to provide steam for large ironing jobs without fill-ups. I am not a fan of ironing, but when I do, I don't dread it nearly as much with this awesome Sunbeam iron!

Norcross, GA


Sunbeam Turbo steam Iron model:-1

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