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Sunbeam Simple Press Iron

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Old Style, New Tech


The Sunbeam Steam & Dry Iron is the best iron I have ever purchased. This iron has a stainless steel plate and has a drip free water tank. No It Is True, a drip free water tank. It is 1400watts so this iron gets really hot and will iron anything. It has a wide plate to speed up the iron process, that's face it who gets a kick out of ironing. The water tank is a good size and one fill up, depending on how much steam you want will last during the ironing period. Speaking of steam you can hang your clothes up and steam them, the only thing would be that this iron has a nice wheight which aids in it's ablity to press heavy fabrics but for those with weak arms start your arm curls before you try. I use bottle water in my iron and have had no problem with hard water stains. The only con I have is that when I first got the Sunbeam Iron it had two red rubber foot rest. They melted off, but the Iron still works great.

Pomona, CA


Sunbeam Simple Press Iron

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