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Sunbeam Portable Compact Personal Heater

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great little heater


I bought 2 of these heaters and they work out great they keep us warm and cozy. i got one for our room and one for the living room. there very small but work as if u bought a really big one and it saves us tons of space and there easy to put away after were done. i also bought one as a gift for xmas for my parents and they were really happy



Small size, big value!


I bought our Sunbeam Compact Personal Heater a few years ago just for extra heat in our bathroom. It was fairly cheap, which was what first caught my attention given that I'm on a pretty tight budget. I was amazed at how well this heater worked. It heats up instantly and the heater itself doesn't get hot. Once I saw how well it worked I actually bought another for my daughter's room because it stays a lot cooler than the other rooms as well, and it has a safety on it that if it gets knocked over it automatically turns off, which takes a lot of worry off of my shoulders. You can move it around easily because of the small size and weight. I also like that it has many different settings so that it cuts off when needed and doesn't just run constantly and running up your electric bill. Anyone that needs a little extra heat would do well to buy this heater.

Mooresburg, TN


Good Little Heater


I bought this heater for my desk at work. I was skeptical at first and thought that maybe it would just keep the small space in my cubicle a little bit warm. But after using it for a short amount of time, I had people all over the office commenting on how warm it was. This little sunbeam heater puts off a good amount of heat! It is an exceptional heater for a really great price. I absolutely love that it is small and portable and the heater itself does not get hot. I will definitely refer this heater to my friends and family members and to anyone else that is looking for a good space heater. In fact, I am actually thinking about going and purchasing anohter one to put in my craft room at home.

Payson, UT


This Sunbeam heater gets the job done at a GREAT price!


Sunbeam Compact Personal Heater can be found at most superstores.  It is definitely the one to pick if you are picking out a room heater.  It is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, or even an office.  The heater is small and lightweight so it can be portable.  It takes up very little room but packs a big punch.  The wattage can be controlled as can the heat settings.  It even has a fan only setting so it can be used as for a dual purpose.  The design is sleek and non-distinct meaning it goes well in any room.  We have a home that was built in the 80s and can get drafty during the winter. Our goal was to find a room heater that we could put in our 18 month old daughter's room to keep it heated at night since she adamantly refuses to use blankets. This Sunbeam personal heater was perfect for the job.  First, it was plastic and wouldn't break.  Second, it always stays cool to the touch and the elements are hidden behind the plastic grating meaning our curious little one would never get burned.  We liked the heater so much in her room.  We purchased a few more for different rooms around the house like my office.  I love it!

Lavon, TX


Sunbeam Portable Compact Personal Heater

5.0 4