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Sunbeam 385 7-22 Easy Clean Belgian Waffle Maker

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Make it easy


I like Sunbeam as a brand. I own many of their products and often buy them as gifts. The Sunbeam Easy Clean Waffle Maker help me so much in the mornings and throughout the month. It is super easy to clean but, I actually like it most for it's non stick ability. It works great. It also heats up fast an sounds when it is ready for use and when the waffles are done. I think that is cool because you won't ever burn your waffles. It gives me a great opportunity to spend quality time with my family on Sunday mornings. This waffle maker is a very high quality product and I have enjoyed having it very much. It works great and continues to help me make waffles for my family. Performance Easy to operate



I looooove waffles!


My boyfriend makes the best waffles, so for Christmas last year I got him this. It works remarkably well - the waffle iron heats up fast, and it cooks the waffles more or less evenly. The nonstick surface also means the waffles come out fairly easily. We have had a few waffles split on us before we got them out of the iron, but that may also be the batter recipe we are using.  One of the best features by far  is the flip functionality. My university had a flip waffle iron in the dining hall and I fell in love with it then - it makes nicely-shaped, even waffles that aren't misshappen due to failure to rise.  The heat settings on this work pretty well, though with the batter we use we never go above setting 4. I'm not sure what you could possibly need the other multiple higher settings for, as I would think it would burn the waffles, but whatever.  All in all, works like a charm, and fantastic for home/family use.

Herndon, VA


rather disappointing for a Belgian waffle maker


I bought this waffle maker to replace one that was damaged, but I have not been very satisfied with it.  To me it seems more like a regular waffle maker, in that it does not produce very thick "Belgian" waffles.  The "mold" for the batter is not deep enough, so the waffles do not fluff up to a nice and light Belgian waffle.    

Woodlawn, TN


Sunbeam 385 7-22 Easy Clean Belgian Waffle Maker

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