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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Secure Surround Portable Playsafe Playard

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Love it


Used it for my daycare as well as my pet bunny to get excercise inside and outside

Milwaukee wi


For Baby and More!


This handy dandy gate/fence was a godsend through all of my kids. It has blocked doors and other areas, served as a safe playpen for indoor and outdoor use, caged our dog temporarily, was a time out station for kids and for toys, used for reassurance during naps to get chores completed, and traveled all over the state with our family for travel softball games, camping, and vacations (easily folds down to throw in back of SUV). If I had to choose only one baby item to own, this would be it! My house would never have been (half) cleaned, my garden would have never been tended to, and I probably would have never showered without this gate! It has survived three kids and a dog and is still going strong! When the kids were pulling up and beyond the gate would still hold them up until about age 3. My kids are climbing, crazy athletic freaks of nature so that is really saying something! My only complaint would be that I struggle to get it unattached from the playpen setup; my kids couldn't bust through it because even I couldn't! My husband could easily break it down without a problem though; I would get frustrated and he would walk over and detached it in it two seconds. Go figure! Now that the oldest kids are up and running I STILL find uses for this wonderful little contraption - random projects in the garage or outside that I don't want my kids getting to get caged up all of the time!

Centralia, IL


Keeps the kiddos corraled pretty well!


Works very well for babies and younger toddlers. I don't think I would trust the durability on an older or larger toddler though. Other than that it is very easy to use and it is nice that you can take panels out or add more to make it a comfortable size that fits your personal needs. I actually bought 2 and connected them together because I babysit twins and just one wasn't big enough for both of them.

Riverton, KS


Summer Infant Secure Surround Portable Playsafe Playard

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