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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Day & Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor

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Great monitor


We have had the Summer Infant Day and Night flat screen video monitor with 7 LCD screen for over two years now. I would definitely recommend adding this to your baby registry or purchasing it as a gift. The clarity/resolution on the large flat screen is really great. The "night vision" is a wonderful feature and is surprisingly very clear in comparison to other brand's baby video monitors that some of my friends have. I have used the camera mounted on the wall as well as sitting on a table and it works well both ways. The 'carry around' voice monitor is a nice bonus as the flat screen monitor tends to live in one place since it needs an outlet to work. My only complaint: randomly, about a year and a half after using this expensive monitor it stopped working. The screen turned on but the image was only monotone gray. Nothing had happened (a fall) to the camera or the monitor. I called Summer and even though the monitor was out of warranty (one year) they replaced the whole system for free. It was an inconvenience to have to send it back-thus four stars instead of five.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Monitor awesome


Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor is awesome, futuristic, has great image quality and most important it is extremally reliable. I bought his monitor to my god daughter. To tell the truth I was attracted by the design, the big flat screen, the novelty in it. I did not think too much about quality at first, because I assumed it is a new product, expensive, so therefore good. Now Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor made everybody overseas (where I send it to my goddaughter) be asking me to get one to them for gists or themselves whoever is pregnant! They loved it. it has great image, sound, very sensitive, and interactive.We can use the image, just the sound. We can set up many diferent features and put the images online. I reccomend this product, it is worth the price.

Kissimmee, FL


Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor


I went over a year and a half without wanting to get a video monitor. We were just fine with an audio only mointor... Untill my one and a half year old deceided to fall out of his crib. We had recently started letting him cry for a little bit before checking on him. But this night we let him cry for two minutes and heard a loud thud, then nothing. Both my wife and I jumped out of bed to find our son laying on the floor with a dazed look. When he saw us he started crying. We knew we needed a video monitor for us to put our minds at ease. We got a**Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor. ** When it arrived we immediately plugged it in to test it out. There was a loud feedback sound on the monitor. No matter how far we put the camera from the monitor it was still there. The noise was annoying. The only way to get it to stop was turn the volume all the was down. It was unbearable. Unsure if it was a faulty unit or poor design, anyways we ruturned it to try a different model

Battle Ground, WA


The summer infant monitor helped me actually get rest


I loved that I could watch my daughter sleep and still have her door closed. No more peeking in her room and waking her up. The only downside was not from the product but I because obsessed at staring at the monitor and watching her sleep.

Hamilton, AL


Summer Infant Color Video Monitor is #1!


We had a regular baby monitor for our son but, when we moved to a 2 story house felt the video monitor was a must. I searched the web and researched monitor after monitor until finally deciding on the Summer Infant Day & Night video monitor. I do have to admit the price was more than we wanted to spend and I wasn't sure it would be worth the price but, we are 100% happy with the purchase. The same night we bought the monitor my son started sleeping in his own bedroom which was on the second floor of our new house. Before the monitor he felt alone and scared to be upstairs but, now he doesn't give it a second thought to play or sleep by himself. The monitor is beyond clear. I was expecting a fuzzy image but, the monitor comes in so crystal clear. And postioning the camera to other areas of the upstairs is really easy to. Several friends have inquired about getting there own Summer camera system after seeing how easy it is to keep an eye on the kids while enjoying some peace and quite downstairs.

Salem, OR


Day and Night baby monitor is GREAT.


I received this monitor as a baby shower gift, and it has definitely been put into good use. It's a good sized monitor so no need to have to strain your eyes trying to look at a small screen. The picture is so clear, I can see my son's chest go up and down from breathing. I really like that, I don't have to worry about hovering over my son to checkif he's breathing, I can easily see it on the screen. I really like the fact that it has night vision. The room can be pitch black and I am still able to see my son with the camera. The noise is good. The only down side about the volume is that even the low is kinda loud. If it went a little lower with the volume it would be PERFECT. The electric cord for both the monitor and the camera are a good length, not too short. What's nice about the camera is it comes with the ability to mount it on the wall over the baby's crib. And you can easily adjust the camera to any direction. It's a good Monitor set, I really enjoy it.

Gloucester, VA


Large flat screen monitor is awesome!


I have this flat screen monitor sitting next to my bed that I use during the night. It has a nice large picture that makes it easy to see when the baby wakes up during the night.  I use the small handheld monitor during the day that I can carry around the house with me, and I keep this large flat screen by my bed.  It works great and I've never had any problems with it!  I guess the one con is that you can't really carry it around with you.

Austin, TX


overall good monitor


I like this monitor because I can keep an eye on my daughter when she is sleeping, and the picture is very clear. There are lights on the bottom of the video monitor that lights up from yellow to red to let you know of the noise/crying in the room. The video monitor is great for hearing your child also. I like how the camera changes from day to night and it doesn't matter when it is you can always see your baby clearly. This monitor has only two channels an A and a B.This monitor is a three piece system including a hand held monitor, camera and a camera monitor. I like that I can bring the hand held monitor with me to hear her when she is sleeping. Sometimes you can hear static on the hand held monitor depending where you are. If you move the hand held monitor around alot all you can hear is static and not the baby. Overall this monitor is great and I will continue to use it and recommend it to others.

Bremerton, WA


Great but not necessary


This is definitely a high quality monitor. We choose to use the video monitor in our room at night, and the sound monitor in the rest of the house during the day. We like that we are able to see our child while she sleeps, but also can watch her as she cries and better decide whether it is a situation in which she can soothe herself back to sleep, or if we should get back up and tend to her in her room. The picture quality is great. It's clear, and we haven't had any problems with recieving the signal, or an annoying amount of static. For the most part the sound monitors are great too, however, we do occassionaly have problems with the reception being very staticy untiil we physically move the base around to a new location. We have two children 14 months apart, so we have been using this monitor everyday for almost two years and it still works just as well as it did when we first purchased it.

Groton, CT


Keeps her in my sight!!


This is the best idea ever.  I absolutely love the Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor!  This was probably my best my purchase to date.  I feel so much more comfortable with doing work on my computer now.  When I got it home I set it up on my computer desk and aimed the camera at her bed.  I was so easy to set up.  You just aim and tune in the channel on the monitor and your all set to go.  I found that the best place was the computer desk due to the school work and business work I needed to attend to while on maternity leave.  The only negative is that it is not portable.  I also bought a hand held monitor to be able to move around a little more easily.  I would highly recommend it to any mothers with busy schedules the pros really do outweigh the cons.  It keeps you from rushing in when she makes a sound cause you can see if its just her fussing in her sleep or if she really does need you. 

Virginia Beach, VA


Summer Infant Day & Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor

4.2 12