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Sulfur Soap

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Adovia Sulfur Soap calms skin issues.


I have alot of skin issues the main one being eczema.I also get the occasional acne like everyone else.I tried a whole lot of things to get my skin under control and nothing seemed to work.As soon as I heard that products containing sulfur cured alot of skin issues I was off to find something.I decided on sulfur soap. I looked at a bunch of sulfur soaps and decided to buy Adovia Sulfur Soap. I am so pleased with this soap.I wont say this soap is a cure all but it does work. My eczema is under control now and I have not had any acne since I started using the soap.I have heard people say this soap has no smell and some say it stinks.This soap does have a smell once you start using it.The smell is unpleasant but it is so faint that its not a problem.This soap is also a little pricey. This soap only has a 3% sulfur content so it wont dry your skin out.I would recommend anyone with skin conditions from mild to severe try this soap.This soap is said to work well for people with all kinds of skin conditions like psoriasis ,eczema and acne.  

Xenia, OH


Sulfur Soap

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