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Suave Naturals Soothing Lavender Lilac Shampoo

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Suave soothing lavender lily


Suave- I wanted to start out with this....I have a big family and shampoo goes out quick...quick in the family. So I find products that are reliable but yet afforadable & suave does that for my family.. not just that I am in love with their products!!! :D weather it's the suave naturals shampoo, or suave professional shampoo too the hair sprays and mouse!!!! Suave Naturals- I love the suave naturals....I have literally used all of them. I just love all the scents that you can get. The bottles of shampoo and conditioner are a good size as well and will last you a while. You can even get a better deal when it comes to the bonus size! Suave works- every one has different hair type and sensitivity to their hair. For my hair I have very normal hair. Every time I wash my hair I am so suprised at how shiny and soft it makes my hair feel! I wouldn't use the shampoo alone with out the conditioner. Your hair can be a bit dry but what other shampoo itsn't like that without the conditioner. The smell of the shampoo is what your going to get on your hair! And it lasts for a long time which I totally adore and I am thankful for!!! I say that the price it's a steal for the results....!!!

Wausau, WI


Suave is great on the budget and works well.


I've been using Suave Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner off and on for the past decade.  I absolutley love the smell of Lavender, which is fresh and rejuvenating.  During this decade I've purchased Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner, Pantene, Herbal Essence among other countless bottles to see if there was anything better for my hair.  Perhaps I was looking for a "cure" to transform my naturally wavey hair to perfectly straight and it's not out there...lol   And  I've always gone back to using Suave Lavender.  Of course when my hair gets exposed to chlorine from swimming I use Aubrey Organic's Swimmer Shampoo (which works wonder).  But I feel Shampoo is this over-rated thing that is not really any better than most other shampoos out there.  The other thing I love about Suave is that I get a huge bottle of it for a reasonable price and they have a large assortment of other scents as well.

Dunedin, FL


ordinary, but works well in cleaning


this shampoo is for cleaning, an ordinary everyday use. i use this every night, just to wash my hair and this is what is is for. suave is an okay brand, but reliable in its uses. if you want a very affordable, (on sale is only 0.89!), reliable shampoo that makes your hair smell good, then this would probably be  your deal.

Las Vegas, NV


Lovely fragrance


Suave Lilac and Lavender shampoo smells so good.  It is a relaxing enjoyable experience to shampoo your hair with this shampoo.  It leaves your hair feeling clean and smelling great.  Hair has a nair shine after using this shampoo.  It's priced for people who need great products at a savings. 

Barlow, KY


Suave Soothing Lavander Lilac smells like expensive shampoos


Suave Soothing Lavender Lilac is cheap and good quality shampoo. It doesn't leave my hair dry or oily. The smell isn't too strong either. It works great with Suave Soothing LAvender Lilac conditioner.

Titusville, FL


I like the wide varitety of scents that it comes in.


I really like this product.  I started using Suave products a few years ago but stopped using them and started to switch to other products.  I came back to it because of the new Suave Naturals product line and all of the variety of scents.  But I especially liked the price.  It is just as good as expensive shampoos and I don't have to feel guilty about spending too much.  With a family it is absolutely neccesary to try to stay on a budget.  And right now with the economy it is even more important to save money.  My daughter really likes the Suave naturals shampoos too.  When she was younger she always used the Suave kids shampoos and detangle products.  I would let her choose the scent she wanted each time we would go buy a new bottle.  Now that she is older she likes the Suave Naturals shampoos and conditioners.  I still let her choose the scent she wants for our household.  It is fun and you can't really do that with a lot of the other shampoos and conditioners out there. 

Eighty Four, PA


Suave Naturals Soothing Lavender Lilac Shampoo

4.5 6