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Steamfast SF-292 Multi-purpose Steamer: Good Compromise


If like me you've shown interest in Steam Mops, but still want the versatility of a handheld steamer with accessories, the Steamfast SF-292 just might be the right steam cleaner for you. After trying out both a Shark and a Eureka Model 313 Steam mop I was convinced that steam cleaning was the way to go. The SF-292 with 1500W of heating power and an approximate 20 oz water tank provides for about 20 minutes of adequate steam cleaning between refills. Unlike many steamers, no cool down period is needed between refills though the water tank is a bit cumbersome to fill while the unit is set up for work. Maneuverability When used as a Steam Mop, the Steamfast SF-292 allows you to get into tight spaces and under cabinet bases. But when used as a multi-function steamer it proves a bit tiring if used handheld without the long handle. Since the water tank and boiler are situated in front of the handle it makes for just a little too much weight to be easily maneuvered. Ease of Maintenance Maintenance is pretty much on par with other mop and multi-purpose steamers. Be sure to empty the water holding tank between used, especially if you're using tap water. I recommend a periodic de-scaling with either a citric acid or vinegar solution to minimize mineral build-up that can clog the steam line and rnder the product useless. Suction Performance Despite the erroneous listing title, the Steamfast SF-292 is not a vacuum. Versatility What attracted me to the SF-292 was the fact that it could be used either as a convenient Steam Mop or a general purpose steamer complete with accessories for this purpose. Design The design of the SF-292 is about as good as you'll find in a multipurpose steamer. The mophead features strong retaining clamps that permit you to use virtually any absorbent cloth of sufficient size. In a pinch, I even used old dish towels that worked surprisingly well. The steamer has three steam settings. I recommend the lowest setting to avoid applying too much moisture to hardwood floors. Durability Steamers by their nature are finicky and prone to clogging. The SF-292 seems no different. And while the adjustable aluminum handle is very sturdy, care must be taken not to exert too much downward pressure when in use to avoid breaking the plastic cuff with which it joins.

Boca Raton, FL


Steamfast Handheld Vacuum

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