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Sprint Vision PPC- Smartphone

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Puts the Smart in smartphone


I've been using this SmartPhone for over a year now and am just as happy with it now as I was when I purchased it. Unlike many cellphones, this phone is built to last. Although there is a newer version of this phone *htc6800*, I will stick with HTC6700 for as long as it lasts. I have never foudn a task that this phone could not achieve. Streaming Video, Connecting to Microsoft Exchange, Remote Desktop (terminal services), voice commands, etc.

Front Royal, VA


if you have this phone upgrade it!


this is a good started phone kind of on the big side now compared to other pdas...not much memory on it...and some applications are slow...gets better when you close all the open programs that your not using.

Oakland, CA


good phone - customer service not


Although it feels like a brick, this phone has all the features I need on the road. There are loads of additional FREE software available.It needs a little work on the OS, so I have used a registry tweakinng program to get everything running smoothly.I have been using my PPC-6700 for 16 monthes now, annd will only trade out this one if a way better deal comes along.

Chalmette, LA


Good phone even for a slacker geek.


This is a good phone for powerusers and Uber geeks that like to have total control over their phone. With very little if any conversion neccesary, PocketPC offers a flexibility that PalmOS falls short off. Being that this is a phone as well as a PDA, the phone functions expand on the PDA functions. I don't have to worry about losing my contacts, calendar appointments, or tasks since I can easily synch the phone with a remote service either through the built-in wifi or through my provider's EVDO data service. Failing either of these methods, the ability to synch with a PC/Mac and the built-in Mini-SD reader provide an alternative option. All this is very useful, since as a modder, I'm in constant fear of losing my data due to a mod install gone disastrously bad.Speaking of mods, this phone will run just about any applications for the PocketPC. This is wonderful if you previously owned a PPC PDA and don't want to bother with learning new applications. A few applications tend to work a bit odd with the flip screen but the virtual keyboard works well with those applications. There are also plenty of homemade and professional applications that extend the phone's useability and make up for some of the features that are lost on a PDA phone. Media playback is great. I have put full episodes of shows and movies on my phone.A downside to this phone is its bulkiness and lack of durability. It's definitely worth investing in a Bluetooth headset and MS VoiceCommand, as that will lessen the amount of handling you have to do when using the phone functions for... well, the phone.The battery life also falls short of most other phones. It's expected that a Smartphone would eat battery life like candy, but it seems like they could given you a longer lasting factory battery. If you don't use the Media Player, Bluetooth, Wifi, DirectPush, or EVDO connection, then you could probably use the phone for days before needing to charge it.The last thing about this phone, it's missing a hardware screen lock. This can be really really annoying, especially when you're not wearing the headset (at least then you can abort the calls before they can accrue minutes or annoy your friends). The software lock is a pain to use when trying to stay handsfree.All around a good phone if you want a PDA and don't want to carry two devices.

Fort Myers, FL


Sprint Vision PPC- Smartphone

3.8 4