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Spring Valley
Spring Valley B-Complex sublingual liquid

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Best Way to get your B Vitamins!


What I love about Sub-lingual B Vitamins is that I can skip breakfast, and still get my B's without stomach upset. Don't get me wrong, I am not recommending that you skip breakfast, but on those mornings when you are running late, and you are skipping breakfast, you don't have to skip your B vitamins as well. It's also good after you have had a complete breakfast. It's just not required before you can take this.These vitamins are so effective that I feel like I am on a V-8 commercial. You know the old ones where the person's head is leaning to the side until they have their V-8? The V-8 sort of balances them. That's what these vitamins do for me. I am just a bit cloudy until I get my B Vitamins, and the sub-lingual form, makes for faster absorption, and more immediate effectiveness. Now, what's unique about Spring Valley B-Complex Sub-lingual vitamins, compared to comparable brands of the same, is that it's also very cheap.



an easy way to get your B vitamins!


My husband was the one to buy this product and I didn't think it would be as good as my B-complex dissolving tablets (from another company). However, after being very tired and desperate for something I decided to try this liquid since I was out of my dissolving tablets. I was pleasantly surprised! This liquid is so easy to use and effective. You just squirt one tubeful (up to the marked line, very easy to measure) under your tongue and hold it it there for 30 seconds - it dissolves directly into your blood stream this way. Then you just swallow the bit that is left which is pleasant as this vitamin liquid does not taste bad. This liquid is much quicker than waiting for a table to dissolve in my cheek and it has the same nutrients - it contains niacin, riboflavin, b-12, b-6, and pantothenic acid. It really helps my energy level and supports metabolism. This product has become an important part of my morning routine as much as brushing my teeth and getting my coffee - it helps get my day off to a great start.

Raleigh, NC


Spring Valley B-Complex sublingual liquid

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