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Spectrum Essentials Chia Seed, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4) (Spectrum)

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Spectrum Chia Seeds


I love Spectrum and I love chia seeds. Spectrum makes high quality products that you can trust and feel good about feeding to your whole family. Chia seeds are full of all kinds of good things for your body and I eat about 2 tablespoons every day. Sometimes I soak them in water and put them in our morning breakfast smoothies. Spectrum chia seeds are good to sprinkle on salads, in yogurt, in smoothies, etc. You can even bake with chia seeds. Chia seeds are more than just to grow on pottery at Christmas time! They are really good for you. They don't have much taste on their own so you won't even know you are eating them if you put them in your smoothies. Soak them in some water to soften them and blend with your favorite smoothie ingredients. I also like the crunch of the chia seeds on a salad and they add texture to yogurt. You don't need to eat much to get the health benefits from them.



Spectrum Essentials Chia Seed, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4) (Spectrum)

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