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SparkPeople: The Spark - Fit, Firm and Fired Up

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Spark People-Effective and enjoyable website for losing weight


I found a great FREE website, http://www.sparkpeople.com/. It features a place to log in your daily calories, your exercise regime (goals and actual performance) which keeps you aware of every step of your goal. The members can chat with each other, cheer each other, share hints and successes. It is easy to use, and a wonderful community of support . You can look up food facts, such as calories, fat content and fiber. A whole panorama of recipes that are member-tested and submitted for effective dieting without sacrificing grimacing. It is great because it is so easy and even fun. I love the social aspect of it, and it reinforces all the efforts that you put forth in this endeavor.You will cheer other's successes, sympathize with others who are having problems keeping up with goals. It's like a plan that encompasses the whole range of emotions about dieting and exercise. And it's FREE! Give it a try if you are interested in a plan that can actually work with your own decisions about what to eat, how to exercise and how long you need to take. No one is rushing you or judging you. All the members are in the same boat, needing a plan that really works for them.

Lanham, MD


SparkPeople: The Spark - Fit, Firm and Fired Up

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