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Sony vaio Laptop 15.5 inch Display Silvery White vpc (27242811225) PC Notebook

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Very good looking Sony Vaio


As is with almost all vaio laptops, this one also looks great in white. I specifically have the coconut white version which now I wish I had gone with this silvery white instead. However, they're both very aesthically appealing and suitable for everyday use whether you are a male or female (Though I personally think females would love this much more). The palm rest for the coconut white version is clear coated with thick silicon like material which I very much appreciate, makes cleaning the lappy so much easier and gives me the relief that I will not have to worry about cracking palmrest of discoloration of it (as it is very normal for plastic laptops especially painted ones). The keyboard however, is more than a little awkward. Due to the numpad attached to it, everything is shifted towards the left with mousepad being positioned in a rather uncomfortable spot. I've owned this for almost six months now and still cannot get used to the keyboard and always search for my keys. Keys layout is great nontheless with its chiclet styling and makes no clicking sound when I type. Very attractively designed as well. The white plastic material however may and probably will get dirty if you type on it alot. So I suggest getting a silicon cover for it. It comes in very handy in holding dust off inside the keyboard as well, very nice. Now for whats on the inside, my configuration had an core i5 6gigs of ram and 500gigs of 7200RPM harddrive with blueray and discrete HD 5470 graphics. This thing is a little beasty that hyperthreads cores into 4 and turbo boosts which makes everything very snappy and HD video playback is awesome. Makes moderate heat but never too much. This laptop DOES contain a LOT of bloatwares from SONY. Theres a software called content analyzer in particular among those bloat wares and I have to stress that you be sure to either uninstall or disable that content analyzer. It pretty much does what it is named for. Analyzes pretty much everything you have in your windows library ie. movies musics pictures, and this process takes a LOT of processing power and will cause your laptop to heat up and slow down. I do not appreciate that and I'm sure you won't either. All in all, great laptop but I would NOT recommend this laptop unless you really want the vaio brand name and the designs of this. The designs now old anyway. You can get so much more for the same or even with a lower budget.

Colorado Springs, CO


Sony vaio Laptop 15.5 inch Display Silvery White vpc (27242811225) PC Notebook

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