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Sony Vaio VGN Notebook PC

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Always ready to go right out of hibernate


Let's just say that through the years I have tried a lot of different brands of computers and while they all worked fine for writing college papers, emailing friends, downloading music and storing photos, I wanted something a little more taylored to me.  My first computer was a Gateway laptop, not a bad machine but I just outgrew it quickly.  Then I say a special for the new Sony Vaio laptop, this laptop was very highly recommended by a few of my techie friends.  So with my first credit card in college I purchased a Sony Vaio and have never regretted it since.  The first thing I noticed was that it didn't come with all those pre-installed programs that everyone hates and always ends up removing.  The speed of the computer was fantastic and the expanded memory slot allowed up to 2 gb of ram at the time.  I was one happy camper.  I had that computer for 5 years!  Within the last few years I have purchased a new Sony laptop and just like the first one, it is purring like a kitten and haven't had a lick of trouble with it.  I love this laptop!

Austin, TX


Sony Vaio VGN Notebook PC

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