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Sony - VX-2100 Camcorder

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Great for any kind of videography job possible


Hello, I am reviewing the Sony- DCR VX-2100. This camera is top of the line because of its relatively small size, and its great quality video shooting. I film skateboarding, I enjoy this camera because it has a great feel when you use it. The built in handle is very comfortable and the playback screen is very useful when filming. When using the VX-2100 one must be very careful because it is no toy, and it musn't be shaky. No viewer would like to see shaky footage. The VX-2100 can be equipped with a fisheye or any lens needed. One big downside for the Sony DCR VX-2100, is the need for dv tapes. The user must buy many tapes because that is where the footage is being recorded onto. Many skateboarding videographers use the Sony VX-2100 because it is a great camera and once a videographer learns more about filming, they should buy one of these top of the line Sony cameras because they are almost perfect. Thank you for reading my review.

Hermosa Beach, CA


Great video recording.


This camera records great-looking video.  It even records well in low light!  I have used this camera for all kinds of videos including television broadcast, and it is better than most camcorders on the market.  The image stabilizer works so well, that I can mimic steadycam shots.

Benton, IL


Sony - VX-2100 Camcorder

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