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Sony VGN-CR490EBP PC Notebook

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Something left to be desired


I was really intrigued by the cosmopolitan pink color of this laptop, but other than the color, I was not very pleased with this laptop. I got this laptop beginning my sophomore year of college and have used it heavily since then (I am currently a senior in college). Although it worked great when I first bought this laptop, overtime it began to deteriorate physically. The plastic casing over one of the hinges has since brokenm and the plastic easily gets dirty. The laptop's battery only lasted for a year and a half. I currently have to keep it plugged in to run it at all which is counter intuitive for a device meant for carrying out and about. The computer is much slower than when I first got it. I am often worried about whether or this laptop will last until I graduate. I expect a laptop to last for at least 4 years (long enough for a student to finish HS or college) and this laptop has fallen short of my expectations.

Davis, CA


Sony VGN-CR490EBP PC Notebook

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