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Sony VAIO PCG Notebook PC

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sony vaio pcg 25 notebook is horrible


I bought this Sony vail pcg 25 years ago, when i was a college student, i figured i would invest money into a "good" computer, i researched a couple of computers that were available at the time, and i guess I did my research wrong, because this computer was a waste of my hard earned money! It is super slow and only gets slower with time. It heats like crazy, i turn it on and it makes the loudest noise and it heats up. It is a notebook which you are suppose to be able to not have it plugged in and carry it wherever, but that didnt even work! it was suppose to give at least an hour of charged time, and I do not recall it ever lasting that long, not even 30 minutes, the battery would need charging right away. I would not trust Sony computers, I have had nothing but a bad experience with this computer, wish I had gotten an apple, I bet that would still be up and running, not like this crappy computer. the burner doesnt even work, and I didnt use it that much, no way am i getting it fixed, would rather just invest in a nice apple computer.

Colton, CA


Sony VAIO PCG Notebook PC

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