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Sony VAIO Notebook PC

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Great machine for school!


This laptop has been able to keep up with a computer scientist going through grad school.  Today, it's not the most performant machine, but if you need something that can handle browsing the web, watching the occasional movie, and even playing a few games here and there, this will do the trick.  It's light enough to carry around anywhere and the internal wireless gets a good enough signal to be able to stay connected.  I've been able to dual boot this notebook with both Windows and Linux without any problems.  Support for the hardware is great in both operating systems and pretty much works out of the box.  I haven't had any hardware problems at all, though the fan gets a little noisy from time to time.  It does run a bit hot under Windows so I wouldn't set this on my lap.  The optical drive works great and I've been able to burn CDs, DVD-Rs, DVD+Rs and other combinations.  The battery life is weak on this notebook however.  I can get about 2 hours out of it despite this being a relatively underpowered machine.

Houston, TX


Life is too serious to take seriously


I have recently purchased a Sony Vaio laptop to use for my business and my personal life. So far it has worked bteer than expected. It has a 250 GB hard drive and a 2 GB ram memory. Its works really good when with multiple programs running at the same time. I am a DJ and the Vaio is great for on the go Dj's that like to mix with cd's, turntables and anything else that you can use to Dj with. I really like the wi-fi built in to the Vaio. Almost everywhere I Dj it automatically picks up a signal about 80% of the time. That helps my business in more than one way. I have the ability to download music on request and when I take a printer with me allows me to print out photos for weddings or other events right on the spot. I also can burn dvds and cd on the fly when I get requests for music or copies of dvds. The Sony Vaio has been a great asset to my company and my life. I use it non-stop and it had always came through when I need it the most.

Melvindale, MI


Makes all types of computer activities a pleasure


My Vaio is my first personal laptop - have used IBM's in the past, but they were always office/work computers, not mine alone.  It is scary the first time you have one on your own with no tech support, but this Vaio has made life so simple.  No problems, easy to operate, the screen is extra clear and all pictures and writing are crisp, not fuzzy, so long work assignments are easy on the eyes.  I love the freedom of a laptop, and have had no power or storage issues related to a laptop vs. a desktop model.   I have even bowed to necessity and learned to use the touchpad instead my mouse, although I still take it with me as security.  I have a wireless one that makes sense for me, even if my kids think I am "old fashioned" for using it.  Battery life is tolerable, although I might wish for a few extra hours on each charge.  I also enjoy that the keyboard does not collect dust inbetween keys, like my older desktop keyboards did.

Midland, NC


very impressed with getting y money's worth inone product.


Sony laptop was not my first choice but the help I got picking out what I needed was excellent. I am going to be very happy with my laptop. It has all the programs that I need. Ports for additional hardware. Cam and microphone as well as microsoft works. And the price was a lot less thatn what I expected.

Weatherford, TX


Sony VAIO Notebook PC

4.8 4