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Sony - KDL- 46in. HDTV LCD Television

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theater experience in your family room


Crisp picture, excellent sound. Blacks are not as black as they could be, but everything else is great. Easy to set up. Very easy to connect components. Lots of set up options to configure to your personal liking

Hopkinton, IA


Lives up to the Sony reputation. Beautiful picture!


Puchased this set about a month ago and have had no regrets.  Beautiful picture with very sharp colors.  The set up was very easy and the remote was easy to program for all devices.    This television provides the quality that people expect from the Sony brand.  I have owned several Sonys before and they have all been great televisions. 

Herndon, VA


Not all its cracked up to be.


Just like every HD TV I have seen the picture is stretched. When I look at a person on the screen their head is so much wider than on normal TV.....I guess the addage the camera adds at least 10 pounds sure holds true. Everyone looks so much fatter becuase the screen stretchs everything those additional inches. It looks pretty if you are into pretty looking TV's. Going back to regular TV til they figure out how to make the screen square again and bring back into proportion.

Warren, PA


beautiful picture


We bought this tv about 3 years ago and it was worth it. The picture is great we have not had any problems with it so far and we bought the extended warranty just in case but so far no problems. I live in an apartment and it is the right size for the room.( my husband would have liked it to be bigger) I like the fact is has alot of hdmi ports on it, we have our blu ray player and xbox 360 plugged into them and our cable box for the hd channels. We did shop around for this tv and i did alot of research. When i finally seen the tv in the store i was hooked i had looked at soo many tvs they started to look the same but for some reason this tv would catch my eye it was sooo clear and the colors were beautiful. The tv is a little heavy to move around so we have it on a stand that is screws into and i put slidders on the bottom so that i could move it around the room if i need to. I would recommend this tv. they have quite a few newer models that i don't dare look at.but i like the Sony tv's.  

Taunton, MA


My Sony 46" Flatscreen TV has great HD picture quality!


My Sony 46" Flatscreen TV has great HD picture quality! We purchased our Sony about 3 months ago and we love it!  It has a large 46" screen that looks awesome in our somewhat small living room.  Its like going to the movies everyday!  The color is fantastic.  The High Def capability is great.  The only problem we have is that sometimes when we turn is on we cannot hear the sound.  It isnt muted, there is just no sound.  This usually corrects itself if we turn the tv off and then back on.  Also, sometimes the programs are tinged to a red color when we turn on the tv.  Once again, this usually corrects itself when we turn the TV off, then back on again.  Those are the only two downfalls that we have noticed.  Otherwise, its really great!  Our children love to watch their morning cartoons on this TV.  Our animal planet movies look spectacular.  I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone who is looking for a new flatscreen.

Burnsville, MN




The Product is very nice it has digital features, HDTV Soundings and Picture In Picture qualtiy This is The best tv I Have had in my 30 years of living its a very fun tv and it has so many features I adore it. My Friend I would recommend this product to you because of its great picture and sound quality I would Never rant because I simply love this tv I Know you would love this TV because its great and it would really suit kids adults tweens teens and grans.  

Washington, DC


WOW, this picture is awesome!


I wasn't really excited about getting a new TV, I didn't think we needed a new one, but gave into my hubbys pleading!  I am so glad now that I did. The picture is awesome, was easy to install, looks good too. The price was competative and the quality seems to be good too. I would recommend this television to anyone.

Caldwell, ID


i love this tv


i love this tv but there is a few things that go on with it there is good sound but after using it for a few months the sound gets a little off sometimes and it has good picture while playing video games but it coul burn out your xbox 360 but that has not happen with me yet just with my friend but i love the tv i would tell alot about it if i could but it seems like alot do know so there is my review.

Carson City, NV


The perfect choice fo HD TV..


My brother in law and I researched HD TV's for quite a while before we decided on which one to buy.  We finally decided on a 46 in LCD Sony XBR2 and love it.  The colors are wonderful and everything seems so real.  I bought mine almost 2 years ago and recently, they sent me an email notifying me of an update with dark scenes.  They sent me a flash drive to upload the update and there was no problem whatsover in the upgrade procedure.  I love my TV and would not change it...except for getting a bigger one of the same.

Westbrook, ME


Best picture next to the real thing


Has great clearity. If you can't be there at the game or at the theater what better thing to have then an HDTV screen at home. and if you have surround sound you don't need to go to the movies any more. as a mother of 3 i know how hard it is to see a movie and not have others complain that you kids are making to much noise now they can be in one room while i watch my movie in another if a problem occurs i can pause the movie and return to it later. that way you never miss what happen at the end.

San Antonio, TX


Sony - KDL- 46in. HDTV LCD Television

4.3 14