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Sony KDL-46XBR5 Television

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First of it's kind, amazing picture and quality


The first stylish feature you will notice about the Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR5 flat panel television is the sleek, high-gloss black bevel that seems to float around the clear acrylic backing, lined with chrome accents. The KDL-46XBR5 was one of Sony's first true 1080p flat-panel full HD televisions, capable of receiving over-the-air HD stations, with a 10-bit 16:9 (1920 x 1080) resolution panel and was the first Sony Bravia flat panel that introduced the 120Hz (Hertz) technology (not to be confused with the 8 millisecond screen refresh). 120Hz doubles the amount of frames per second displayed. Typical flat panel televisions display at 60Hz or 60 frames per second. The 120Hz duplicates the frames and inserts those created duplicates in between the frames that were actually filmed and displayed. The computer processor within the panel is actually creating frames by doubling the frames initially filmed, and again then inserts those created frames in between the frames that would normally be displayed. This allows for a fluid, smooth-flowing display without any disturbing judder. This was the last television Sony produced where the panel itself was created in Japan. All future television panels were created in the U.S., therefore making this panel superior to subsequent builds. Another new feature introduced with this television is "Motion-Flow" technology. Motion-Flow is similar to the idea of 120Hz in that frames are not normally filmed are being created then inserted within the frames that were filmed. With Motion-Flow, the processor is looking ahead at all of the filmed frames and creating images of what it feels would or should have been filmed had there been the capability to film every millisecond of display. For example, if you are watching a ball go across the screen, a typical flat panel display without Motion Flow would display the image on the left of the screen on frame A, in the middle of the screen on frame B, then on the right of the screen on frame C. The processor looks at these 3 frames and the image displayed and assumes that if it creates a frame, frame AB, the image would be between the left and the middle and creates frame BC with the image between the middle and the right then inserts the 2 new created frames in between frames A, B, and C respectively, the viewer would see more of the ball flowing fluidly across the entire screen rather than only displaying "hits" if you will, at the 3 filmed spots. The KDL-46XBR5 boasts 3 HDMI ports (2 in back, 1 on the side), 2 Component connectors, 2 Composite connectors, an optical in/out, USB (for service only), and a VGA port for connecting a laptop to be used as a monitor. One unique feature that was also introduced with this model is the capability to add up to two of four *"Bravia Links"* including a slim **DVD player**, **HDMI splitter** to allow for the addition of up to 5 HDMI components, a **Wireless Link** to broadcast from one television to another television connected to the component, and the **Bravia Internet Link** which allows for Internet-based content streaming including NetFlix, YouTube, and other Sony specific content providers. Future televisions integrated this Internet feature. Other features include Advanced Contrast Enhancer for deeper blacks and brighter whites, the Bravia Pro Engine processor, and the Live Color Creation System which allowed for more colors to be viewed that human eye would recognize. Two of the main features that separate the KDL-46XBR5 from its sister, the KDL-46XBR4, are the high-gloss black bevel and an RS232 port located in the back for connecting the television for home-theatre automation with compatible devices. The KDL-46XBR4 has a flat black interchangeable bevel that could be swapped out with one of seven different color-coordinating bevels. The KDL-XBR5 though a wide screen television is longer in width than traditional wide-screen televisions, rather than in height and the acrylic bevel added several inches around the edge of the television. This design makes it a focal point for hanging on a wall, however, made it quite difficult to fit into most entertainment areas. The XBR5 and 4 series are available in 3 different sizes from 40", 46" and 52", though you will be hard-pressed to find on as it was only in production for the 2007/2008 year.

Wrentham, MA


If the XBR5 is anything like the XBR4, it's fantastic


We bought the 46"XBR4 with 120hz refresh rate and true 1080p HD. Depending on the quality of the broadcast, it up-converts to beautiful, crisp and clear images. Also, the sound with the XBR line can't be beat. This TV has very efficient operating cost and is great to view from any angle

Orange, CA


well it looks good in the pictures..but


well i like it in front looking at it but i was not to happy with it after my mother got it home to many things to do before she copuld get it up and runnning to watch a movie so if you know about tv's it is one for you but if not got with something smaller

Indianapolis, IN


awesome visual


this tv is super cool i love the resolution it is a dream compared to tvs i have had in the past i love all the av jacks,the remote is very easy to use and cool looking. i also love the color of the cabinet the one that i have is called piano black it is very shiny .  glossy looking sleek very high tech, did i mention that i love it , i would recomend it to any person who wants a very cool looking tv to accent any room and also watching tv or playing games on it are a also is extremely easy to hook my camera up to. i can axcess all my movies and i have a home theater system set up as wll i really dont need it though because the rich sound allready provided by the speakers that are built in are really more than enough to ensure that you have a great movie or gaming experience.

Tucson, AZ


Great picture with clear sound


The picture is clear.  There is however an issue with glare from a distance. The sound is crisp.  I was able to enjoy all sporting events and was able to hear the television from anywhere in my house.  Watching DVDs was awesome.  The surround sound in the movies were ampliphied by the television.

Charlotte, NC


Best purchase my husband has made in a long time!!


This is by far the best tv we've ever purchased!! The format is easy, the sound wonderful and the color and picture is just so clear!!! We had no problems buying this from Bill Smith, the service contract that comes with it is great, though we did buy the extended just in case, well worth the money!! I can't imagine ever getting another tv, the whole family just loves it!!!!

Fort Myers, FL


Sony KDL-46XBR5 Television

4.5 6