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Sony - Cybershot T7 Digital Camera

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its worth buying this


i think this is a very good camera... as i said before this is worth buying. so i would suggest every1 to buy thus camera. it is cheap and it also very very very famous among the young generation. it is a fasion statement now. so as i said before , i would say it again and again that this camera is worth buying. so go ahead and buy it as soon as you can. the only bad part i find in this camera is that the mega pixcel is very very lass in this camera as compared to the other sony cameras or other companies. but still as i said before this camera is worth buying so it just simply the best and worth it. i have been using this camera from a very long time. i bought it from canada , best bu in 2003.... so its basically like 9 years old but still as i have said before that it is worth buying i want to proudly inform you that it is working perfectly fine and is in perfect condition so basically it is durable as well. it can be used for a very very long time... and i hope this will be there with me till very long. thnanx. once again i was talking about the sony digital camera.cybershot T7

Kissimmee, FL


SONY DSC-T77 - Incredible design, average pictures


The "cool factor" is definitely high on this one.  The large touchscreen display on the back of the camera and the sliding panel on the front are very well designed.  The brushed metal body of the camera has a very sleek, very modern look.  When daylight is abundant, or under optimal lighting conditions, this camera takes absolutely beautiful pictures.  High clarity, rich, and very sharp pics.  The only problem I noticed with the camera when a lot of light is available is that the color red tends to oversaturate a bit.  This effect is much more noticeable as the light dims.  The only real con is that the T77's night pictures are rather shoddy.  The slim camera apparently did not leave enough room for a sensor large enough to pick up faint light.  At night, the pictures aree often spotty and blurry.  The camera also has a bit of trouble focusing when shooting a dim scene.  The T77 is able to take good video, with decent audio as well.

Reno, NV


Very handy, durable small digital camera that takes great pics.


I got this camera in 2005. It is a Sony DSC-T7 (silver) 5.1 mega pixels, 3x optical zoom. It has been taking excellent pictures for me ever since. I love this camera because it is so small and compact, I can take it anywhere with me easily. It is only about 3 in x 2 in, and about 1/2 in thick. Even the charger is a very small, thin charger that the battery slides into. It plugs into any outlet, and the prongs collapse inside to make for even more compact storage. The battery is long-lasting when fully charged.  As I said, I've been using it for 3 years now quite a bit, and it has been durable to the many times its been dropped. It's never broken. The images it captures become extremely clear pictures. The quality is awesome. Very clear and bright. It also records movies, which have very, very clear sound and picture (so long as the subject is bright. It doesn't do so well recording in dark.). It is also easy to use. It is easy to turn on and switch between viewing images, taking them, or taking movies.  However, the only downside I see to the camera is that is has so many different options for settings and things that you might need to read the manual. I am not a frequent photographer, though, so the controls are probably much easier to understand to those familiar with digital camera settings. It comes with a USB cord that connects straight from the camera to the computer making it very easily upload your files. I recommend it highly.

Philadelphia, PA


Sony - Cybershot T7 Digital Camera

3.7 3