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Sony - Cybershot N2 Digital Camera

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This is one of the best digital cameras that anyone can get.


This is a great camera. The picture quality is one of a kind. You can do a lot of cool things to the pictures like add frames to the pictures. You can even paint things into a picture, which is really fun. It is a good size which is great, because you can always put it in your pocket or small purse, instead of having to hold it the whole time. I would recommend this camera to anyone that i know.

Miami, FL


Excellent Depth, great outdoor camera, so-so in low light


I love this little camera. I wanted a camera I could take with me in my purse or pocket; this one really delivers. My previous cameras I bought because they had great zoom capabilities. This one, being a small pocket camera, doesn't really have super zoom power, but you don't really expect that in a camera like this. The outdoor shots are excellent, the 10 MP is awesome. It turns on really quickly and is ready to take a picture in about 2 seconds. It's idiot-proof, but you can also set the settings to manual and do it yourself if you want. You can read all about the capabilities and features in the materials, so I won't fill this review with that information. I'm very pleased with the picture quality; it's a great camera for vacations. I just got back from a trip to California and Oregon and got some great pictures. Like I said, not so hot on indoor flash shots, and if you are in low light and have to keep the flash off, it's virtually impossible to keep it from shaking and producing a blurry image. The flash doesn't go very far (i.e., not good at a concert!) but again, it's a tiny camera so you wouldn't expect that.It has the little slideshow feature and the thing where you can draw and stamp on photos; I think, "what's the point?" That's just sort of useless. If I want to alter my photos I can do it in Photoshop. The stamps are kind of dumb, anyway. But, I am very pleased with this camera and the pictures it takes overall. Paying more for the 10.1 MP is worth it. Or just wait a while and the price will come down, I'm sure!

Oklahoma City, OK


goes eye to eye with the best


My sony camera replaced another sony a brand  which I have been extremely happy with since they put out the Mavica which used floppy discs .I have my current camera  in semi darkness and bright daylight and always get the picutres I love and can show anyone. YOU need to understand all the aspects of it and some savy with any camera but even I can take great pictures without knowing what pixels and things are or how to set it up for even better pics. But I have never been disappointed except when I want a fast picture . You just cant take one pic after another fast.  but it was every cent . sedona

Allentown, PA


nice camera but crappy service from sony.


i would not recomend sony products because of there warranty problems with them losing my camera and then being told that it would show up. no help. you shouldnt have to buy anything that the manufacturer wont stand behind.

Lexington Park, MD


I love my camera so much it's become attached to me.


I don't go anywhere without my camera.  It's perfect.  I get great pictures, the battery life is wonderful...  With the small purchase of memory stick I can save over 800 pics to it.  I love how easy it is to use, the quality of the picture, how you can add messages or stamps to it.  The touch screen and it stays clean...  I got this camera for Christmas and you'd think that I was some kind of photographer... I take pictures of everything at anytime, anywhere.  My son plays basketball and football and I get great pictures...  I'm the envy of my friends with this camera and I wouldn't trade it for the world.....

Washington, PA


Sony - Cybershot N2 Digital Camera

4.2 5