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Sony ALTUS ALT-SA31iR Speaker System for Apple iPod

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Sony S-air, so clear but could be better.


Wow!     I recently got this setup (just the regular base setup with the main unit and the subwoofer unit).  I set it up, i threw my iphone up there and WOW. Thats all i can say.  I've never heard such a clear sound from any other ipod/iphone related speaker/sound system.  I was really impressed.  I'm currently on the fence though.  LOVE Factors: Ability to add extra wireless speakers (up to 8 i believe) The subwoofer! The radio The LONG antenna (loose wire, not the old metal wire of course) The CLARITY! The clear/crisp sound The ability to play an iphone, or ipod   The Hates: The price is.. well, pricey. The inability to successfully play pandora from my phone  The volume.  The inability to hook up to a site like pandora without the use of a phone/pod   Ability to add speakers - I think you will NEED more speakers if you want to have this louder. I enjoy being able to crank my music and hear it throughout the house while cleaning, working, working out, having a get together, etc.  I get a 'good' (could be way better) volume at max (32) in my living room, but it fades quickly throughout the house.  I will be buying more speakers but theyre expensive so they haven't been paid for yet. (currently around 70 for one).   I love a good sub-woofer.  I love to FEEL my music, and i think with the ability to add more speakers/turn the volume up more, this sub-woofer would have amazing effects.  You have 6 settings on the sub-woofer once its on.  Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and -1, -2.  I think if you're going into the negatives though, you should just have it off (you dont NEED the sub-woofer on to have the speakers work).  I would also like a little more power on the woofer.   Radio - I'm not huge on radio products because of the static, and i normally use online sites (IE: Pandora for example) for my 'radio' needs, because i dont have to mess with an antennae and stand on my head to get a good connection.  My house has always killed any antenna radio fun, but this holds its own. Its not amazing, but its way better than i've ever heard from my house.   Clarity - its so crisp and clear. This makes the negatives (that ill be talking about in a second) a little more worth it.  I know ill get slammed by Bose fanboys, but i would say its comparable to what ive heard (first hand) from Bose equipment, honestly.   Phone/Pod compatibility - i love this. You'd think that any stand (or moreso than not) would offer both the iPod, and iPhone to operate from it, this isn't the case at all.  I like that i can play one of my iPods, my iPhone, or a friend/families equipment with a simple lift and place.   The Hates:   Price - I can handle it because the base product is pretty fair for the quality. If the other negatives were improved i'd have no problem paying this price or MORE for the item.  But at around 200/250 plus 70 per speaker (up to 7/8 speakers) thats a lot of bills.   No Pandora from iPhone - Bummer! :(  I read reviews before buying and someone said you absolutely CANNOT play anything from the internet through your iPhone because you can't access internet. I knew before buying that would be an issue, but i couldn't see a system shutting your phone into airplane mode (made no sense) so i intended to try it. When i did, i had no problems with it automatically streaming, BUT it does get extremely choppy to the point where i can't even listen to a song without pauses every 10 seconds or so.  Im thinking this might be my internet and i hope i can get it fixed so that i can use pandora when i need a changeup.   Volume - wish it was louder. It maxes at 32 and the volume could just be way better. I think i already hit on this earlier in the crisp/clear 'loves' but i will say that the sound needs to be much better.  Im hoping buying two/three speakers and adding them in my living room will be more surround sound, and help bring the noise a little more.   Inability to get internet connection through pod cast or otherwise.  Maybe even the ability to hook it to a laptop/desktop/console (anything with internet) to play internet radio.   Overall, im glad i purchased it (it does come with a remote i forgot to mention) and the LCD display could be bigger because you can't really read the information from too far, yet you can use the remote. Little odd.   Hope this helps!

Eastlake, OH


Sony ALTUS ALT-SA31iR Speaker System for Apple iPod

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