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Sonoma Soap Comany
Sonoma Soap Comany Citrus Medley

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this natural product really works


I love discovering new natural products brands that focuses on health and beauty. To me, using natural products for my body is just as important and trying to eat natural foods. When I was looking around for some new natural soaps to try, I discovered Sonoma Soap Company at a local natural foods store. And then I was given a sample of their Citrus Medley shampoo and instantly fell in love with the scent. The Sonoma Soap Company's shampoo in Citrus Medley smells like a fruit smoothie! When I took a first whiff of the product, it made me want taste it (but I didn't). The bottle is beautifully designed and their full sized bottle comes in a nice big 12 oz so it should last a fairly long time. Sonoma Soap Company's shampoo in Citrus Medley is made with natural and organic ingredients and the shampoo actually works really well. I find that some all-natural shampoos don't work all that well and I don't feel it cleanses completely but not in the case with Sonoma Soap Company's Citrus Medley shampoo. It lathers really well, rinses off cleanly and smells wonderful. I definitely recommend the Citrus Medley shampoo if you're looking for a shampoo product that doesn't contain a bunch of chemicals and toxic ingredients that can potentially harm your body and the environment.

Yorba Linda, CA


Sonoma Soap Comany Citrus Medley

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