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Solano Universal Diffuser

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A great way to diffuse a tough situation - or blow dryer air.


 **Quick View:** My husband recently inadvertently stepped on my favorite diffuser and I have ordered a different one but I am in mourning for my **Solano Diffuser**. This was a great diffuser that allowed air from my dryer to splay rather than concentrate in one area, thus allowing me to force it to wave and curl rather than dry straight. Although some sites that sell this diffuser say it is ONLY for Solano hair dryers, my two dryers were not and this fit both fine. **The Diffuser** This plastic diffuser has a round tube to slide over the end of a hair dryer. Inside that tube are flanges which open and close to accommodate different sized nozzles. I used this diffuser with two different hair dryers, both trigger types, and it fit fine on both. Any dryer that you hold like a gun (pistol type) should accommodate this diffuser. The front is about four inches around (I can't measure it now because it is *sniff sniff* gone) and has "fingers". There are 10 little pointy plastic hard bristles scattered around the opening of the diffuser along with the air holes. These fingers are meant to be used on hair as it is drying to add volume and texture and plump up curls.  **My Use** When I used this product, I would towel dry and add styling aids to my hair then scrunch it while it dried a little more. Once my hair was damp to the touch but not wet, I started to use the dyer on it. The air was not as concentrated as without the diffuser so my hair didn't dry as fast as usual. However, when I am going for a wavy look, the dryer without the diffuser just blasts my hair and straightens it. Using the "fingers" gently on my hair, I fluffed it and then moved the diffuser to other parts of my hair. I didn't always put the diffuser so close that it actually finger fluffed my hair. I often held the dryer a little further away and used my free hand to scrunch. Either way, my hair came out bouncy and wavy rather than very straight like without the diffuser. One thing about this diffuser that I hadn't counted on was how heavy it was. It weighs around a pound! That's a lot of weight added to an already fairly heavy blow dryer. At first, my arm would ache and need a rest. After a while, I didn't even notice the extra weight. I had no issues at all with this diffuser. However, if you plan to buy one, I would recommend that you ask whomever you are buying it from if it will fit your hair dryer. It should fit nearly any pistol type one but you never know and it never hurts to be sure. **My Viewpoint** The **Solano Diffuser** is a great choice for those who have curly or wavy hair or who want it. You can dry all types of hair with this attachment on and it comes off easily if you want concentrated air for straight styles. This is a professional quality styling aid that is a bit heavier than others are but is made very well. It will last years if your husband doesn't step on it because he wasn't looking where he was going and you accidentally dropped it on the bathroom floor and meant to pick it up but were too lazy to at the moment. ***I give this diffuser 4 stars.*** I would go with 5 but it is quite heavy and takes a bit of getting used to before your arm can withstand a full blow out without a rest. 

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Solano Universal Diffuser saved my curls!


Can't believe it took me this long to be introduced to a diffuser! As a curly hair girl, I spent countless years wearing my curls up in a pony tail or bun because using a hair dryer made my hair look like Bozo. When someone suggested I get the Solano Universal Diffuser, I had no reason not to try it. Now, my curls are perfectly in tact, shiny and the dreaded frizz is gone! I travel with it everywhere!  

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Solano Universal Diffuser

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