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Softlips Tinted Lip Balm SPF15 - Pearl

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Moisturizes well and tints a pretty pearl color


I love soft lips. I love the little tubes it comes in, I carry 2 in my purse in different flavors.I love how well they moisturize and keep my lips feeling hydrated and fresh. I love the smells especially the raspberry one if smells really great. I also love the way it tastes it doesnt have that terrible taste some lip balms and glosses have. I love how well they close cause I hate when lip balm opens and gets all over your stuff in your purse. I like that the packets come with 2 in them so you can keep one in your purse and one in your car/bathroom/boyfriends house in case you lose the one in your purse. They have SPF in them which is great for your lips. The downside is the fact that its a small tube so they dont have much in them. But the great smell, taste and way it makes your lips feel is definitely worth it. I use them now like crazy and I always tell my ffriends that they should be using it too.

Covina, CA


Softlips Tinted Lip Balm for those who want shimmer


I know there are people who like to have a little color without going all out by using lipstick. So, on a whim, I decided to buy Softlips Tinted Lip Balm Pearl since I have been a long time user of Softlips and pretty much love their products and figured this would be worthwhile. Since I am not a person who always like to go all out with a strong lip color I figured pearl would be a safe bet. Now, this lip balm has SPF 15 going for it, which is nice as finding a lip balm with it is not always that easy but these days it is getting easier to find on with SPF. This balm has a soft, sweet berry scent, I find it sort of like a candied cherry, so the scent of the balm is not unpleasant. It also, leaves a slight tingling sensation akin to what I get from their other balms, so it is nice that it retains that quality. However, unlike their other balms it is not as moisturizing as their originals for me it is lacking that smooth feeling after application. Though perhaps the biggest detractor is the tint, which unforetunately is suppose to be the draw. I will admit that it does give the shimmer that you might expect with something described as pearl, but it feels a little like fine white glitter so really not as much of pearl like but more a teenage shimmer products that a teen would wear. Other than the shimmer, it is a good buy if you like the shimmer.

Seattle, WA


Wonderful Product


I love the way my lips feel after using this, or any Softlips product for that matter. It really sinks into your lips unlike other lip balms that just kind of sit there. I agree with others on the "white film" comment. The color would be wonderful if it weren't for that. I have found a nice solution to this though. I apply as much as I want and then pat off the white film with a tissue. Although this method takes away a little bit if the mousturization, it still leaves your lips feeling nice. I would not recommend this shade for people with a light complextion. A friend of mine tried it and it really washed her out. I actually didn't pick this color out to begin with. I got it as a freebie with the Vanilla Flavored balm. As soon as I put it on, I was in love. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has a cold. In my case, I get EXTREMELY chapped lips and feel absolutely disgusting. When I put this on, my lips feel better within 15-20 minutes and the hint of color makes me feel nicer if that makes sense. :)

Saint Petersburg, FL


Amazing Product!


I love this product.I was pretty..eh about first buying it but i found a few review on youtube by beauty guru's and a whole bunch of them said how much they loved it and how it was so soft and had spf and it was worth it and they will re-buy so i went out and got the original one and the pearl one and i am very happy that i got them.I love the pearl one so much its my favorite out of the too,its tinted but the thing i do no like about it is the tint is more sheer and not pearl its more white with glitter and on a darker complexion it does look off but over all i am in love with this product and also they have a whole summer and winter scents i want to get this winter!I will be buying more.

Kutztown, PA


Softlips Tinted Lip Balm SPF15 - Pearl

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